Pregnant Now What

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Phoebe - November 14

I recently found out I am pregnant. I have gone to the doctor and everything to have it confirmed. I have all intentions of going though with my pregnancy and keeping my child. The father is right behind me every step and wants to be very involved in this child's life. He's 21 and I am 19. What do we do now, doctor-wise?


Mommy - November 14

You choose an ob/gyn to be your doctor for prenatal care, make your first appointment for prenatal visits, start any vitamins he/she give you or reccomends. Other than that just take care of yourself, stay away from harmful things, and have fun with you pregnancy! Good luck!


Steph - November 14

Since you have had your first appointment, you should be going to the doctor once per month to be examined and will be able to listen to the heartbeat. Other than that, like mommy said, just take care of yourself, don't drink, don't smoke, take your prenatals and you should make sure to eat healthy and exercise regularly. The excercise will help strengthen your muscles and has be "proven" to help to have an easier delivery. Also, you may want to get some pregnancy books to read at night to inform you of what to come. Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy. How far along are you?


Phoebe - November 14

I'm about 4 weeks along. I concieved on the 22nd and found out today that I am pregnant offically. I sort of knew anyway. I can tell my body. Thanks for the advice guys. Now I just have to figure out how to tell my parents. Heh.


Phoebe - November 14

Also, when they told me I was pregnant they put me on folic acid. Are there going to be other pills I am going to have to take daily?


Steph - November 15

I have heard that a new trend in doctors is to give expecting mothers folic acid pills and fish oil capsuals for the first three months because prenatals can cause you to be rather sick and egg on the morning sickness. Whatever pills that they gave you, just take everyday and at your next appointment ask if those are the only pills that they are going to be giving you. Usually you just take one pill per day, but your doc will be able to let you know for sure. Don't worry too much about telling your parents, it's weird no matter what age you are. I was pregant with my daughter at 19, and I believe I told my mom over the phone, which ironically I just did on Novemeber 06, when I found out I was pregnant again, and I'm 27 now! Both times she was really excited as was my dad, so hopefully things will go well for you. Also, you should start posting on the First Trimester fourm, you'll get a lot of questions answered and there's a bunch of us over there. Good Luck!


Shelly - November 15

Find your local LaLeche League group and start attending meetings. You will learn sooo much there. It also gives you a place to meet others that are going through the same things you are. I made some very good lifelong friends there.



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