Pregnant Only 16 Feel Sick All Time Is This Right AASAP

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Nikola - July 10

alright for the last couple of days/weeks i've been feelin really werid i'm hungary all the time but when i think of something a would really enjoy i feel sick as soon as i smell or taste it andmost of the time i'm really tired so if i don't complain about beening hungary its i'm tierd my period this month was really light as well am i pregnant? can any one give me some advice? thanks alot


newmommy20072007 - July 10

hey there! i'm 9 weeks pregnant and i'm 17, well sounds like it may be i have all those symptoms at this stage in my pregnancy. however i never got my period not even a light one. so it sounds like a 50/50 chance. the only way to really know is to go to the doc or take a pregnancy test! remember you have lots of years to get pregnant so don't rush! i got pregnant on the pill so be careful and good luck!


Grandpa Viv - July 10

Unusually light period, tired, change of appet_te, smells and tastes add up to a probable pregnancy, esp. if you had unprotected s_x in your fertile winodw acouple weeks before your expected period. How about discharge, acne, emotional, peeing, occasioanl dizzy feelings. b___bs different, runny nose etc? Visit http://www, and start dropping hints to your mom so she will ask you if there is a chance you are pregnant. Good luck!


Nikola - July 10

i forgot to say that i was on the pill when is the best time to test my period isn't due until next month now anyone?


newmommy20072007 - July 12

wait until the 1st day of your missed period, that's what i did. at this point the test is like 90% accurate! keep us posted!!!


Nesha - July 12

WEll hun.. sounds like me before i found out i waspregeant with my son. i just had him two weeks ago.. I would say take the test. I was on the pill too but it wasnt wroking for me.. for me it was normal to miss my period and i missed it for 3 months i didnt think anything about it till i was always tired hungary and soo on. my friend told me to take a test and it was pos. i took 3 to make sure and the next day went to the hospital for another one. Dont feel baby im only 16 too and its going to be hard but everything is differnt when you got that baby in your arms.. i went threw sooo much in labour with mine. i was in labour for 48hrs....and i puched for 2 and ahalf it was Hell...Really it was.. but once he was out ... u really do forget about all you went threw.. ull remeber but dont remeber the pain.


xadjektivex - July 13

That sounds a lot like my first trimester as well...I loved steak and couldnt even look at it without wanting 2 throw up! And the tiredness hit me really bad, i would sleep 15hrs out of the day. But...i never had a period so u might just wana take a test 2 be sure...and since you are on the pill you should wait til you are supposed to have your period again. I was on the pill and didnt even get mine. Good Luck!


Nikola - July 14

thanks for all the answers my b___bs are starting to really hurt now to so i will wait until my period is due to what if i get a normal period? should i still think i might be pregnant? thanks again


lilmomma88 - July 14

if you have a normal period then your most likely not can have light bleeding and spotting but not a normal period while pregnant



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