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Bianca - October 10

i've been having s_x for the past two months now...sometimes with a condom and sometimes without.....about a few days ago i had s_x twice in two days.....the first w/o a condom and he came but he pulled out so not all of it went in and the second time the condom popped neither of us realized it and i was supposed to get my period and i never got it......i really need to know if i am pregnant or not ......can someone please tell me if i might be....i really need to know


TRY THIS - October 10

TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST!!! you cnat tell simply by the symptoms that your pregnant. there are many things that can cause the symptoms you have, and none of us, including you , will know if you are UNTIL YOU TEST!!. Another measure you should consider is BIRTH CONTROL PILLS because obviously the condoms are not working out for you. Good Luck ( and please dont think im being snobby, im just being honest)


Bianca - October 10

To: Try This I want to take a pregnancy test but there are too many people in my house and they are all nosey and im afraid that they might find out parents are REALLY strict and would Never expect that supposed to be the quiet one out of all of my sisters


Kitty - October 11

To Bianca: A pregnancy test is the best option the local family planning clinic or doctor can get you set up with one. I think even the local walk in clinic can get you one. I personally would suggest going on some other back up form of birth control, usually can get it cheap at the family planning clinic, there are even spermicides that will provide back up incase the condom falls off. Best of luck to you. Hope everything turns out alright.


Sonia - October 11

Bianca, I would say that the recent incident youre talking about has very little to do with your current circ_mstances though its not impossible. You said that you had intercourse both with and without a condom. The truth of the mater is that you could have "caught" durring any of those unprotected times even if you practiced the withdrawl method. What you need to do now is get and HPT and whatch out for symptoms. Take the test and even if its negative dont a__sume that your safe. Wait a week or at the most two and then take the test again. Alternativly you can go to a doctor or a clinic and get tested, as they say blood tests are infalable. Good luck.



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