Pregnant Teens

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lewis' mum - September 21

hiya, i just wanted to say that to those girls tht are pregnant and are not sure wot to do plz think of this beautiful and amazing life inside of u.It deserves to live all be it with an adoptive mum or its biological mum. I had an abortion a while ago and it hurt me so much physically and mentally that i wouldn't wish that pain on anyone.Im not saying everyone is like this but i am still struggling with it, a year and a half on.I now have a beautiful baby boy who is my world, i love him so much but that still doesn't replace my baby that i killed. Yes me.Please dn't think that abortion solves everything because it doesn't.It also isn't what everyone wants.You have a choice, it's YOUR choice, no one elses. As for being a single teenage mum, you can do it. I am one, and proud to be, to a certain extent.I am proud that i gave my baby a chance this time and am going to be the best mother that i possibly can, but i am not too proud of the 'teenage' part.My only wish is that my son wont feel different to other kids nor deprived of any kind that he was born to a teenager.As long as you love your baby and can care for it, thats all that should matter. love lewis' mum xx


Hah. - September 21

You're not going to change anyones mind about abortion.


jenna - September 23

did i say i was ??


shenika - September 27

you should do what you feel and think twice before you do it and never let no one make your choices and tell you what to do


b__terfly - September 27

I think it's beautiful and it comes from the heart


OMG - September 27

OMG Shutup


TASHA - September 28

will you sure not had a abortion


nicola - September 28

i have to admit, i was forced into an abortion and hated every minute of it, it was a painful procedure but hey, if thats what someone is determined to do than i guess they will deal with the pain. but im 18 weeks pregnant and so excited about this baby, im only 18 but i would rather have a baby then have an abortion because its less pain not only emotionally but physically and pregnancy is one the most amazing things to do. plus, some parents react differently. i thought id be kicked out, but my mum was actually excited when i told her! but at the end of the day, its your own choice. i wouldnt destroy my baby for the world, i already have a huge connection with him/her, if you want to do that to your child its on your conscious and your head


Leah - September 28

It will help give girls who are considering keeping the baby some it can help make a persons mind, not everyone is selfish.



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