Pregnant Teens Always Need Friends Support

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Salie - February 13

Hey, I am a female.. If you are a pregnant teen that needs a friend or support then you come to the right person. I am here to help you through your pregnancy, labor and delivery. I know what you guys are going through. I am 100% real. I will never be mean in any kind of way. I can find places to live for you if you dont have anywhere to go. I can help answer questions. I can support you through anything. Good luck everyone. I feel that pregnant teens dont need to be bullied. I guess some people forget this mono: treat other people the way you would like to be treated!!


bump - February 14



Keisha - February 14

My name is Keisha and I am 8weeks pregnant, I'm also 18 years old. I really need somebody to talk to, my parents don't even live in the same state as me anymore. Right now, i am living with my friend and her auntie, and my friedn told me that once I begin to show her auntie won't let me stay with her anymore. My question is how do you finde a place to live for pregnant girls?? I need help can e-mail me at [email protected]


salie - February 14

Keisha, i just emailed you did you get it? how are you? good luck


bump - February 15



tinkerbell - February 15

You lied to me. I don't think anyone should trust you.


nina732 - September 20

my name is taniesha and i am 2 months pregant, i am 18 years old.i really need someone to help me get stuff for my baby. yes i work but i am really tight on money. i really need stuff for my baby i am not sure wut i am having yet. you can email me at [email protected] thanx u. can u tell me how to get crib or stroller and things for my baby?


Stalina - September 21

my name is stalina I am 17 and I'm still not sure if I'm pregnant or nt but I'm 2 months late but the urine pregnancy test are coming up negative. If I am pregnant I will need your help. my email address is [email protected]


sarah - September 22

hey, im 7 weeks preg and altho i shouldn't realy worry bout money just now, i kinda need to. i work bout 40 hours aweek on placement for college, i only get £55 p/w plus travel, how you supposed to pay for a baby and look after yourself with such low income. help. email [email protected]


ashlee - September 23

hey my names Ashlee, im 16 yrs old and am almost 3 months pregnant, my boyfriend has left me and my mum and dad want me 2 move out, i have no money or job, ive got my best mate who is willing 2 do evrything for me, i really need help, my email is [email protected]


taniesha - September 23

hey thanxs


Ashlee - September 24

hi am nearly 16 and i think am pregant...but if my dad find out he will batter..and chuck me out my house..wht should i do help!!!!!!!1


Diahanna - September 24

Hey i'm 18 and i'm 27 weeks pregnant. I'll be 19 soon and i'm really scared because time is running out and I don't really have ne thing for my son yet if you can help me figure out a way that I can get the things he needs as well as the things that i need please help. my email is [email protected] thank you so much.



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