Pregnant Through Dry Sex

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Cam - August 23

My girlfriend and I were messing around tonight, we'd had dry s_x about 2 hours before and i c_mmed inside my boxers... but they were moist. then when we had dry s_x again she was naked and i was still wearing my boxers. i think they had dried but im not positive. we had dry s_x again and just as i c_mmed i pulled away so as not to touch her but she felt it on her hand. it couldnt drip through the boxers could it, and have touched her va___al area? and could the dried c_m on my boxers have gotten to her? she was wearing underwear still but it was pulled to the side. Please help.


daniella - August 21

It's not impossible, but it's not likely. Once c_m drys it's about lost all its fertility, so I wouldn't be to worried. Don't stress over it because it'll make everything worse. If you're really scared make her take a pregnancy test in about 2 weeks. Goodluck!


huh? - August 21

wot is dry s_x?


Katie - August 21

I have no idea whatsoever what you are saying Cam, it is very alien to me. By dry se, do you mean that you pulled out of her before you came? If so, that in itself can get your girlfriend pregnant. The pull out method does not prevent pregnancy or disease as there will always be unavoidable pre c_m. Why aren't you using condoms Cam?


brucen - August 21

Daniella is right. You have little to worry about.


Cam - August 21

thanks for your help so far everyone, and katie, by dry s_x i mean we're... like dry humping. there is no actual intercourse we're just kind of riding each other. I'll tell u one thing though, I'm never doing anything involving the removal of pants unless im wearing a condom until I'm ready to have a kid. Thanks again everyone, anymore imput is greatly appreciatied.


Shorty - August 22

Dude, there is a chance, but it is remote. When sperm is released in or around the v____al area there is always a chance of pregnancy. Dry c_m, is dead sperm so you are okay there. But whenever doing stuff like that... even if its just dry s_x, always make sure you use a condom as it will protect you from accidently spilling your fluids on her and will put both your minds at ease. Better to be safe then sorry


Sham - August 23

LMAO Cam!!! You and your girlfriend DID NOT have s_x. S_x means inserting your p___s into her v____a not simulating s_xual moves!!!



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