Premature Worry

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Curious - October 10

Hello. About a week ago my boyfriend and I had s_x. It was two days or less after my period, and we used protection. However, we got kind of careless and didn't use it the entire time. He didn't ejaculate inside me and it was too soon after my period for me to be ovulating at my normal time, which is a little more than two weeks after my period. I have no symptoms of pregnancy except for a little light spotting. I was only spotting for a day or less, and I've heard this can be caused by stress or illness. I have been both stressed and sick with bronchitis...but I'm still a little concerned because it's been 17 days and I still don't feel like I've ovulated. My ovaries are a little crampy as they usually are when I ovulate, but it just seems so inconclusive and confusing. My nerves have been shattered because of this, even though it's nothing really definitive. I'm just worried because I rarely spot, my periods are pretty regular, aside from coming a week early or late occasionally. My last period was on the 24th, and I predict that my next period should be on the 20th or so...I don't know, what do you guys think? Thanks in advance, Curios


gv - October 10

You most likely got some sperm in you from sloppy contraceptive practice, but it was right at the edge of your fertile window. Let´s hope that your ovulation has been delayed by sickness - you seem to know your body well. No ovulation = no pregnancy. The odd spotting is the only thing that raises the eyebrow so far.


Rachel - October 11

You might've had s_x before you ovulated, but maybe the sperm was still alive when you did, and spotting is a sign of pregnancy, ive been sick many times before and extremely stressed, and the only time I've spotted was when I got pregnant, it sounds like you're trying to make yourself believe that there's no way you could be pregnant, but in reality, yeah you could be, if you used protection you wouldn't have to worry



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