Preparing Pets For New Addition To The Family

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waitngformyangel - October 25

i have pets at both of my parents house. a hyper-active dog and FAT lazy cat at my moms. the cat im not worried about when bella arrives. she just might be a little jealous that all the attention is going to the but the dog worries me a bit. hes very playful and energetic.and always jumpy. how can i prepare the dog for the arrival of bella? lately hes been staying in the kennel outside. but its starting to get he stays in the kennel inside but when we let him out theres like no stopping him.and when you walk he'll always push on your back legs. i have jsut a greater concern about him as ill be staying with my mom the most after bella is born. at my dads i have no worry at all. i have a cat johnny [[who is a]] but she pretty much keeps to herself. the only time she really wants to be with me is when im sleeping so sh__l crawl under the covers with me. anyway im dragging on. just any advice on how to ''prepare'' my pets for bellas arrival would be greatly appreciated. thank you and god bless.


jennifer_33106 - October 25

I hope you get some good answers to this cuz I need to know too. haha Try posting this also on the third tri forum as that one is always busy and they know alot. :)


kendra.marie - October 25

you really cant prepare the pets well much, all i know is that my dad & brother had a dog & he was like that also but after a while before my daughter was born he was worn out didnt do much & trust me they can sense that a BABY is more attention & all but dont ignore the pets thats what alot of people do & thats why there animals turn on them. so be causious i dont have much advise besides share the love, let them smell her, but let them know that shes not a toy. as soon as they realize how much she means to you when shes here they will be fine no worries. is the cat declawed? that would be my concern, i know cats sometimes become vicious after having a baby in the home, make sure the cat is declawed or get rid of it it would be my suggestion with a dog i know they know because when i had my daughter i let the dogs smell her & they are no bother to her shes now 14 months & she loves the dogs dearly so thats all i can advise hope it helps <3


freebird - October 25

Having someone bring home a blanket or undershirt that the baby has worn in the hospital is a good idea. Let the dog smell it and get used to the scent of the baby so that when she comes home her smell will not be strange to him. It will help ease the transition. This is what our groomer (who also trains) suggested for us before we brought our babies home and it worked well for us.


R__ - November 17

well there is no exact way to prepare an animal for the arrival of a baby. you are just going to have to change the rules a little which seems to be what you have started with the outside kennel. when the baby is awake and and your caring for the baby the dog should go out. when the baby is sleeping or such it should be ok for the dog to come in for awhile. but the dog will treat the baby like it does any other person.



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