Pressure From Dad Cos Its His Friend

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aja - May 14

im 15 & 12 wks preg & my dads friend is the father (stupid i know it just happened) & now my dad knows who the babys daddy is he told me to get abortion or Im out. I dont want to do that but what can i do???


Grandpa Viv - May 14

Ouch! You may need to be out of this situation anyway. If you think you can handle foster care, call Social Services. Mail me at [email protected] if you want to chat about your options.


Lisa - May 14

What about your fathers so-called friend?? Firstly, he should be charged! Secondly, why should you be given an ultimatum?? I hope your father paid his 'friend' a visit and made it very clear if he ever goes near you again, there will be serious consequences!! What a creep!!! Do what you feel is best for you, seek some counselling and find someone who can give you advice and support you in a positive way.


Caz - May 15

Gross how old is he??? But your dad cant force you. Is the father willing to take care of the baby though? Because he still should.


?? - May 15

you are all making it sound like she was raped well it dont sound that way to me it sounds like she willing did it


yeh - May 15

yeh she a ho


aja - May 15

Im not a ho. Yes i was willing, like i said it just happened hes 30. i really dont want to get abortion and i dont want to adopt, i want to keep the baby and i dont know if the dad will support, dont think my dad would let him. But ive got nowhere else to go and i dont think i could go to a foster home or care home.


~kat~ - May 15

aja if you dont wnat to get an abortion then dont as you will have to live with it for the rest of your life and regret it.i know this must be a hard situation to be in,have you got any family or frinds you could turn to for help and possibly stay with for a while,once you are 16 you should be able to get help living in supervised accomedation for single mums,maybe thats an option?


Lisa E - May 16

How disgusting. I don't care that you willingly slept with him, the 30 year old is a child molestor.


aja - May 16

all i want to do is keep my baby. I know i messed up but my baby doesnt have to pay for that and i want to make it up to him/her by being a good mum. I spoke on the phone to the dad today and he said he will help and will pay for the baby but hes worried about how it will look. My dad isnt speaking to me exept to ask if ive made a appointment for a termination yet. Hes more concerned about who the dad is than the baby. Ive got some family but i dont want them finding out who the dad is and no one else knows im pregnant yet. Im so confused and i dont want him to make me do this :-( please does anyone have any info or suggestions? [email protected]


paula - May 16

Your dad can absolutly NOT make you have an abortion, and if you dont want one dont get it, or it will haunt you for the rest of your life. You will feel aweful about it. It sounds like you want to keep so i think thats what you should do. You can get government a__sisted help with housing and schooling help and also medical, you just need to look into it, There is ways of dealing with it. Dont be afraid to ask for help. If you want to talk email me [email protected]


aja - May 16

Thank you everyone (exept 'yeh') im def NOT having a abortion.


sam - May 17

get an abortion and stop being a tart with growm men. What are you a hooker or something???



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