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RylansMommy - July 3

OKay so this may be a TMI question just to warn you all. :) Okay I have been having s_x through out my pregnancy and not had maney problems, but now latley afterwords I have been having a really weird feeling of like presure...Its kind of hard to explain, its like, well it feels like a streaching ballon...REALLY low in my belly...know what I mean? I cant find the right words to explain it, If this isnt enough, or dosnt make sence let me know. Thanks for trying! Megan


HeavenisMine - July 3

Well we tried having s_x in the beginning, but there was a lot of pain and it felt like my insides had been turned into stretchy rubber bands, both down there and in my lower stomach, is it kind of like that?


kimberly - July 3

Could be braxton hicks contractions. Sometimes after s_x, especially if you had an orgasm, your uterus will contract for a while. It feels like a tightening in your lower stomach and it can feel like something is putting pressure down there. Perfectly normal as long as the tightening goes away after a little while. If the pain last you need to tell your Dr.


RylansMommy - July 3

Kimberly- I bet your right, I bet thats what it is. It dose go away after a little while, it just feels weird.Lol. *sight of relife* I was affraid I was breaking or somthing.Lol. ;)


AddysMummy - July 3

Actually after s_x you can get light cramping or braxton hicks an it is 100% normal like kimberly said. My husband and I have s_x and afterwards I'll feel like tightening on my lower belly. I think it's just fine and normal ^^


RylansMommy - July 3

I hope so, I was affraid of going into early labor or somthing.Lol. Jarad (the babys dad) was freaking out, because I was saying it felt funny. He worries more then I I try not to tell him about EVERY little cramp/pain I have. He's a sweetheart. ;)


amanda17 - July 3

Statistically speaking, if this is your first pregnancy you should probably expect to be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks overdue. Pre-term labor most likely won't sneak up on you and you'll probably have signs of it throughout your pregnancy.


AddysMummy - July 4

I was 2 wks early with Addy but I doubt you're having preterm labor ^^


amanda17 - July 4

Ellie was 2 weeks early too, that's why I said statistically :) Anyway, I only had s_x once out of my first trimester, it gave me a huge contraction... I think I was like 30ish weeks so Harold got so freaked out about inducing my labor he wouldn't touch me after that haha. But I was having signs of pre-term labor throughout my pregnancy... I actually think eating a spicy chicken sandwich was what put me in labor... because the night before I popped I had one and I was having contractions the whole time I was eating it. Then I went to bed, woke up, and noticed my water was broken haha.


RylansMommy - July 4

He is so big they said they want to take him early, but not this early. If they dont I wount be able to have him naturaly... BUT I think if he need to be there longer I will let him and they can just do a c-section, I dont mind... I just want him healthy!


amanda17 - July 4

Ellie was tiny. She was 6 pounds, 4 oz, 18.5 inches long. By the time we left the hospital she was 5 pounds, 12 ounces. She's probably almost 7 1/2 pounds now. The only thing I hate about C-sections (not that I've ever had one) is that they make you stay in the hospital for almost a full week. I only stayed two days and I was like JESUS when are they gonna let me out of here?!?!


RylansMommy - July 4

^ Here at the hospital im going to if he is born natrual he gets to come home the next day, but if he is born via C-section we have to stay two days. not to bad, but I still would rather him come natural!


amanda17 - July 5

That's weird. At my hospital if you have a natural birth you can go home the next day, I stayed two days because I was waiting for the lactation specialist. My sister had her baby 8 months before me at the same hospital and she had a c-section, they made her stay 4 days and wasn't allowed to eat for some time after the surgery. She said they wanted her to stay a full week but she bugged them so they let her go early.


angelmonkey - July 6

lol when my mum had my brother she was out of the hospital 2hours later! i think it depends on the person and not the hospital so much


AddysMummy - July 6

Addy was 6 lbs 1 oz the day she came home she was 5 lbs 11 oz and even wore PREEMIE clothes X_X


angelmonkey - July 6

how do they way less i would of thought they would put on a bit of weight? i was 2weeks early and weighed 6.6lbs


southernangel13 - July 6

Babies to tend to lose close to a pound while they are in the hospital. My neice was 7 lb 10 oz and when she left the hospital she was 6 lb 13 oz. The doctor should tell you that the baby will weigh a little less when she/he leaves the hopsital....but i guess it depends on the hospital



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