Pretending To B Pregnant

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school project - January 15

NO ppl iam not really pretending well i guess iam but see i need help because iam doing this essay for heath and we have to pretend where pregant at this moment we only get 4 choses *getting married * adoption *abortion *having it as a single parent i need help on deciding whitch 1 should i do 1 of the above and why i shoudnt do the other 3 so iam 14 and "having" a baby what should i do?


n - January 16

shuit up


shaz - January 16

i wouldnt choose get married cuz it would be for wrong reasons,child doesnt deserve to to be aborted,adoption is hard for child to accept when they are older. so i would go with raising child as single mom as people should accept responsibilty for their own actions.hope that helps with your project.


Ruby - January 16

I would have chosen- get married. Having been with my partner since we were about that age, had we fallen pregnant then we would have had the baby and got married, which we did eventually anyway (in early our 20's). Abortion and adoption are personally not choices I would make and if I had to do it as a single mum then I would but I wouldn't choose that over parenting with a loving partner. My mum had me when she was 15, she married my dad (while pregnant with me).


Hilary - January 16

UMMM it was ur school project LOL. What a dumb one, making teen pregnancy a joke, do you also have to decide b___st or bottle? Those are easy compared to real life pregnancy decisions. Yea the abortion/adoption/marriage/signle is semi hard, and will last forever, you dont make it in a week, for abortion you have about 12 wks


I would choose.... - January 16

I would choose abortion; i know some people have a problem with this, but i personally don't. The reason I choose abortion, is first of all 14 (or at any age before graduating from university) is to young to have a child. I would do this for the better of my own future; it sounds selfish, but also I'b be doing this for the future of my children to be. If I were to have a child at 14 I'd be missing out on education, then what woudl i have to offer my kids? No education, no money, probably single, and that last one will lead to different men in and out of my life and what kind of an example is that for childern? They need a good structured home to be raised in other wise they will end up being troubled kids. Anyway, abortion is not for everyone; but I could not give my baby up for adoption. Knowing someone else is raising it and giving him/her what I could not offer would be harder for me to handel. At least with abortion it's over with and eventhough I might still think about_t later in life at least I know I have done it for a better life for my future kids. I don't belive abortion is murder in the first few weeks of pregnancy...that is my choice and my reasons.



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