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julzness - June 16

Needless to say I'm a teenager who should have known better and who doesn;t learn from her mistakes. I've only recently become s_xually active with my boyfriend and both of us are too embarassed to get protection. I've always had failry regular periods, a few days earlier or later at most but nothing weird but this month ive had 10 days that ranged from thick, red mucus to thick brown spotting. If pregnant i do plan of getting an abortion but to do so i need a positive pregnancy test. My first problem is that once again im embrassed to get one, and secondly... based on all the feedback from here, it would seem that for a lot of people they were very inaccurate. I can't go to the doctor alone because im a minor (i have a male doctor and he doesnt accept unsupervised patients under 18), so as soon as i decide to get checked out, ill have to tell my parents. Any suggestions?


Grandpa Viv - June 16

Call your local Planned Parenthood at 1-800-230-PLAN or visit the local Health Department. Alternatively you can send the boyfriend or an older girl friend to get a pregnancy test at the Dollar Store ($4, might have to ask the cashier if they keep them under the counter). If you are a week past when your regular period should have come, the test should be pretty accurate, especially if you use first morning pee. Good lcuk!


shesdymed - June 17

well i myself had an abortion and im not trying to scare you or anythin but i feel soo horrible for doing it. the emotional pain didnt hit me until i got to the clinic and my face was flooded in tears to know that i was allowing people to terminate my childs life. it wasnt as bad as when i got hoom and handled my normal routines .. i waasnt hungry nemore, day by day my b___bs stopped gettin soar, my nautiousness went away quickly & i felt like givin up on myself to know that i killed my own baby. its just the after effect. how u may feel afterwards. u wont understand maybe until u go thru it but im lettin u know from experience that it is not a good feeling. But if u do decide to do it i wish u sooo much luck with ur process. there are some abortion clinics where u can get it done with no parent consent, yet u are going to need about 350$ the least and u need a ride home because u will feel drowsy and sometimes sick. you are going to have to tell you parents regardless because there is a possibility that something may go wrong also 2 days after my abortion i had gotten some very strong pains around my uterus that i couldnt bare. my mom had to take me to the emergency room to find out that my pelvic area was inflammed due to the abortion and if i would have never stoped it, it would have gotten worst. so i suggest if u really do plan on going thru this process please advise ur parents because u may need them. its important, they'll make sure to get u to a good safe doctor and they can help u with ur conditions GOOOODDDD LUCKKK. keep me/us updated on what happens :]


shesdymed - June 17

o and by the way, y r u so embarrased? to buy condoms? i rather buy condoms then have to buy a pregnancy test lol . when i bought my pregnancy test there was this old lady maybe in her 50's .. she gave me this nasty look in disguss and i told her. . . do u have a problem? it happens young women get pregnant, get over it! and walked away. I RATHER HAVE HAD TO GET CONDOMS. LET THAT LADY LOOK AT ME SO I CAN SAY, WHAT WOULD U RATHER ME GET PREGNANT THAN PROTECTED. lol


Mommy - June 17

I'm going to try to be as nice as I possibly can about this, but you are the type of teen who makes all s_xually active teens look bad. I'm not judging you for having s_x, but to terminate a pregnancy because you and your boyfriend were "too embarra__sed" to take precautions is very immature. If you find out you are in fact pregnant and get an abortion, you either need to get on birth control and double up with condoms or stop having s_x. I hate to hear about people getting abortions just because they don't want to get the protection they need. Please, please, PLEASE get on birth control if you're not pregnant. Embarra__sment is nothing compared to another (possible) unplanned pregnancy or explaining to your parents you need an abortion.


Bluespace86 - June 17

I agree with Mommy. You should have thought before you acted, known the consequences. I'm having an unplanned pregnancy right now because I didn't use protection as I should have but I'm not using abortion as a form of birth control. I knew the possible outcomes from my actions and now I'm paying for it (though I don't see it in a negative way anymore ^_^). But hey you aren't me and you can do what you do but if you are pregnant you should maybe think of other choices, talking it out with your bf, talking to your parents to see how they can help, consider adoption, etc.


shesdymed - June 17

i agree with mommy and bluespace86 completely. u may not regret it now but trust me after the process your a going to feel such an emptiness in your heart and u cant go back. honestly an abortion is not a good choice. i wish i had someone there for me to tell me how i would feel after the termination. i know a girl who has gotten it done about 1 year ago and she says it still feels like yesterday. there were times i felt like i didnt deserve to b alive because i terminated my childs life&& till this day i feel empty inside as if somethin in my heart was missing. but anyway, if u do decide to get an abortion what do u plan on doing afterwards? be too embarra__sed to get a condoms again and then get pregnant again?? then have another abortion?? abortions can really mess a lot of women up mentally emotionally and especially physically. there were times i wished i died.. cause i didnt deserve to live. GOOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHIN


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 17

This post makes me see why teenagers are given a bad rap. Me and my bf were too embarra__sed to use protection so now I am going to murder an innocent child if I am pregnant. Real mature. You make me sick. I am 18 and have a 3 week old baby. I could not imagine not having her now, especially murdering her. Visit some pro life websites and see just how abortions are performed, if you are any type of human being it will repulse you and make you sick. But since you even thought about it you must not be much of a human being!



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