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shesdymed - May 11

well for all who doubted me and tried to make me feel so stupid, here i am once again to prove myself right :) . for a quick second some of u had me doubting myself makin me think that maybe im not pregnant and its all in my head, its cool though. i took a pregnancy test yesterday and today and they both come out positive. i dont know how far along i am though. i dont know if i should b excited or scared or what. i mean im happy and im lookin foward to it but how do i break it down to my parents again after i just had an abortion. my mom is already asking questions of why am i sleepin so much or have i gotten my period yet... i just dont know how to break it down to her this time, shes prolly thinkin that i should have learned my lesson the first time. i choose to keep my child and handle my responsibility as a mother, im not going to let anyone get to me, pushin me to another abortion.


gina143 - May 11

good for you! Congrats!!


GreenAngel9 - May 11

that's good, i dont think anyone should have an abortion, no matter what the situation is.


Evonna - May 11

you should have thought about a pregnancy test in the first place. Congratulations and i know you wouldn't even dare getting an abortion. But tell your parents anway since you already gotten yourself and the situation. Let her know so she could be there to help you. I suggest you shouldn't wait until your 6 months pregnant to tell your parents or anybody because it is definitely not healthy for the baby.


les22 - May 11

congrats. you are mature enough to make your own decisions. why are you so worried about what your mother has to say? she already knows, thats why she keeps asking you these things. show her that you are mature and tell her. i dont think 16 is paricularly young to have a child as you can get married in the uk at 16. greenangel --- that is a very stupid statement. there are plenty of reasons for having an abortion. you are obviously not grown up enough to even think about that.


les22 - May 11

yes i know what i said to greenangel was not very nice , i was actually going to write an appology until i read a post from her. i just dont think that a statement like that from a girl who didnt know if she should stop taking b/c pills when she thought she was preg does not show a great deal of maturity. oh and if she had read the post she would see that shesdymed has recently had an abortion. thats why i had my little rant!


In_Denial - May 11

I'm glad that your doing what you want to and not others. So Congratulations! You should be happy that your doing what you feel is right. And I agree with you GreenAngel9, i don't think anyone should get an abortion...but women have their own choices to make.


midnight_drift - May 12

Good! I believe if you write your mother a letter, and tell her you need her support, and this time you need her support because you're choosing to not have an abortion. And only YOU can make the decision weither or not you get one. But good luck, I choose to not have an abortion as well =). If you are like 2-3 weeks, I'd say you're due january/febuary!


corinne - May 12

Congrats shesdymed, When was the first day of your last period? We can go from there to see how far along you are.


shesdymed - May 13

i took a pregnancy test i still have to go to the doctors to see how far along i am. dont forget, prior to this pregnancy i did have an abortion and i never got my period because its only been 5 weeks since the abortion.the day i would most likely say i got pregnant was april 24th because that was the day he came inside of me, every other time we used a condom. Can the doctor still determin how far along i was even without me knowin the last time i got my period?


shesdymed - May 13

thanx for everyone elses help as well. i do choose to write her a letter and maybe leave it on her bed for when she gets home, THANX TO midnight_drift for that idea. i do plan on telling her sometime this week coming up. Any day after mothers day, i dont want to disappoint her again on her special day. she pretty much figured it out. shes been askin about my sleeping and when im due for my next period also yesterday i didnt have my school uniform on, i had jeans and shirt.. she asked why my zipper keeps flyin down and i looked like i gained weight in my stomach, so she pretty much knows shes just not positive or shes waiting for me to tell her............................................ BUT TO EVERYONE ELSE THANX FOR UR SUPPORT JUST A "CONGRATS" OR ADVICE FROM U GUYS REALLY HELPS ALOT. ITS NOT EASY @ AGE 16 TO HAVE tO DEAL WITH THIS, BUT TO KNOW THAT THERE ARE MANY GIRLS OUT THERE THE SAME AGE AND YOUNGER WHO HAVE MADE IT IN LIFE JUST FINE HELPs ME KNOW THAT I CAN DO IT TOO AND I DONT HAVE TO BE ANOTHER TEEN STATISTIC. :)


littlemama1022 - May 13

The doctor will probably schedule an ultrasound to see how far along you are.


shesdymed - May 14

QUESTION FOR ANYONE THAT CAN ANSWER. im only 16 as u all pretty much know. i have a pediatrician as my doctor. As far as getting myself checked out, how do i set myself up with another doctor?? im not really sure so please i hope yall can help me out


shesdymed - May 14

i really want to get checke dout and make sure my baby is okay cause idk why but for any little thing i get worried. i will need my insurance .. and everythin right? my mom is the only one with access to that meanin i have to tell her as soon as possible so i can b set up with a doctor immediately because i really want to make sure my baby is okay


corinne - May 14

I'll say it on here as well just in case. You should start seeing a OB GYN ask your mom about that a little more and she could probably help you get set up with one. Such as her own.


ChannY - May 14

it's creepy how your mum ask about that. it's like..she's pyshic or something..creepy:| id tell you, mum used to ask me that before until she figured it out. because i was sleeping/eating too much and being a i hope everythings it all well with you:) xx


shesdymed - May 14

yea, i guess its just a mothers instict. well just askin , i dont have a gynocologist, my mom never persisted on getting me one. I was supposed to get checked about 2 weeks after my abortion and she never took me so i guess ima have to do everything on my own. Do i just call a gynocologist office ?? Will they ask me for my mothers consent or will she have to b there or anything?



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