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makaylababy - February 20

I had a period in January around the 27th. It was normal and I have a pretty steady 28 day cycle. I'm pretty sure I ovulated because I had the discharge, temp rise, and slight cramping on one side. This was around Feb. 10th and 11th. I had unprotected s_x on the 11th and he came in me. Now a week later I started spotting on and off. Its brown and pink discharge. Its only there when I wipe, otherwise I don't really notice it. Also my period was suppose to start yesterday and it hasn't. I'm scared to take a test because I want to be pregnant and I'm afraid it will be negative.


makaylababy - February 20

My question is this implantation bleeding or not possible? The spotting started about four days after we had unprotected s_x which was the day after we had s_x again. I thought it was from the s_x but it was on and off and still is. I'm confused if its my period starting or not.


xBeautiful.Disasterx - February 20

this could be inplantation bleeding or the start of your period, wait a week if your period hasn't come take a pregnancy test, good luck and best wishes XxxxX


ChattyKathy - February 20

If you're due for your period you can take the test any day now. Just get it over with. You either are or aren't regardless of whether or not you are aware of it.


makaylababy - February 20

Thank you and I'll def. let you know. Otherwise I haven't really had any pms symptons like I usually do. This is weird and not normal so maybe.


makaylababy - February 20

By the way I'm 18 and engaged. We aren't getting married for a couple years but we decided we wanted to try for a baby before he leaves for the air force in August.


makaylababy - February 23

Today is 29 days and my period always comes on the 28th day. I've had on and off spotting with brownish dark red discharge. I've also had milky white, no odor or itching, and its been stretchy and lotion like. My b___st are tender but nothing else. No real PMS symptoms that I usually get. If I didn't ovulate for some reason, would I still spot and bleed a little. Plus my temp has been steady at 98.4 (I saw the part about your temp goes up). Is it too early to test?


AbbiesMummyEm - February 23

Hey hun could you just clarify something cos I got confused a bit?! In the first post you said your period was due the 19th but your last post says you're 1 day late? Sorry if I'm being thick lol but are you 1 day late or 4 days? Either way usually you can test as soon as your period is late, just a lot of people leave it a few days to get a more accurate result cos of the increasing hcg. Try a test now, and if its negative but you still dont get a period I'd go to docs for a blood test (or do blood test now) Hope you get the result you want :o) x


makaylababy - February 23

It was suppose to start yesterday, I missed counted when I first posted. Sorry about that. I've had on and off bleeding that is really light. My b___bs are tender and my nipples almost feel like they are on fire. I don't know if this bleeding is just my period being light or what it is. I'm going to get a test next week and take it. Otherwise we'll see. Thank you and I'll take anyone else's opinions.


afireinsideamanda - February 28

hmm. i suggest you wait till one week late. theres no way you can get a half a** response youre not sure of by then, your hcg should be high enough.=) i found out i was pregnant for sure on my 7th day of my missed period. you can take a test, but id wait tillday 7. and get a digital one that says pregnant or not pregnant otherwise theres still that tiny chance you can be unsure of your results. i was, there was a solid line, and a almost invisible line forming a + but i didnt know what was up... good luck to you. oh, and im almost 19. if youd like to talk, you can aim me at AmandaLovesYouDF. im two months and almost one week pregnant(tomorrow) and i think i could be of some help


makaylababy - February 28

Thank you for your response. I'm hoping to test next week. I want this but I'm scared that I might not be and I want to be. I don't have aim but I'd love to talk to you on here. The only other thing I've noticed in the last three days is that my lower back aches like I'm going to get my period with light cramping, Maybe nothing but I noticed it. Thanks and I will let you know.



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