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xcharlotte_1990x - January 5

Hi, im new here by the way! Someone told me that you tend to take after your mum during pregnancy and labour and I was wondering if this true or had anyone else been told this? Just wanting to know this because I am 36 weeks pregnant and my mum had my sister (1st born) 4 weeks early n my nan had my mum (1st born) also 4 weeks early, so im kinda worried im going to pop any minute! Im expecting a baby boy, who I am going to call Jamie and cant wait to have him, Im also 17. Also, just wondering what is labour really like? And how do you know when you are gettin contractions? This prob sounds stupid but I am getting very nervous!! x


Trinity030608 - January 5

I dont think it is necessarily true. Every pregnancy is different. I was born 4 weeks early and my mom was only in labor for 6 hours. But my son was born right on the day after being labor for 28 hours. They were nothing alike.even 1 womens pregnancies can be completly different. one may be early and another be late while a third may be right on time. each pregnancy has different circ_mstances such as age, illness, employment, stress, and all the outcomes are as different as the babies created. Good luck to you, dont be scared, you'll just stress yourself out and neither your nor the baby need that right now.


Krissy25 - January 6

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Most women who have more than 1 kid have very different births. However at 36 weeks you could go at anytime and you could start getting contractions a lot but you may not actually be in labor. What you are looking for with contractions are 1) pain- they might start off kind of dull and achy and you may feel them in your back or belly. They might also feel like very bad cramps you would experience during a period. 2) intensity- with true labor contractions will intensify and the pain will increase 3) timing - If you are having contractions you should start timing them. With true labor they will be regular and should be getting closer togther. Also if your water should break ignore the top 3 and go straight to the hospital even if you aren't having any contractions. Once our water breaks the baby has to come out usually within 24 hours. If you don't go into labor they will probably induce you. Good luck and try not to worry too much, i'm sure you will do great. (P.S. WHen in doubt about anything CALL YOUR DOCTOR, no question is stupid.)



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