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nikki99 - November 4

okay. i had s_x last night, he wore a condom, and he said he felt it tear so he pulled out (and also said to never buy them from reassuring) i have a little bleeding today, and it's about the time i shoud be starting my period (but i do not keep track). i can't tell if i started my period or not. i'm probably just paranoid, but how likely is it that i could be pregnant? :( thanks in advance.. and sorry if this isn't the best forum to have this question in.


HeavenisMine - November 4

It seems highly unlikely you would get pregnant the day before your period starts. It sounds like you're getting your period. The chance is even lower considering he was wearing a condom, and from what it sounds like did not even ejaculate in you. Most women don't ovulate the day before their period starts anyway. Unless the bleeding stops for a couple days or something out of the blue like that, safely a__sume it is your period right now, okay?:) You can put your mind at ease now sweety.


Krissy25 - November 4

Nikki, it would be impossible for you to be showing any pregnancy signs now, and it is extermely unlikely that you wll get pregnant and here is why. Let's just say for example you have a 28 day cycle, When you started your period last month that was day 1 of your cycle most likely you ovulated around day 14 (give or take a day or two) Once you ovulate there is only a 12-24hr window to get pregnant if it does not happen the unfertilized egg disolves into your body and 2 about 2 weeks later your period starts. And the cycle starts over again. That is why you most likely will not get pregnant and here is why you would not have any signs yet. Say you did have unprotected s_x around the time you ovulated. The sperm would meet the egg in the fallopian tube. If conception occures the fertilized egg takes 6-10 days to travel to your uterus and implant itself. Once it implants itself your body starts to produce a pregnancy hormone called hcg. With in a few days most pregnancy tests are sensitive enough to detect this and you might start to have some symptoms like sensitive b___sts maybe a little cramping and some nausea. By the time your period is due you will either not have it or have a little spotting. I'm sorry this is long i hope it makes sense. Last light would not have done it but did you have s_x around the middle of your cycle? Do you think maybe a condom tore then if you did?


PreciousBaby19 - November 5

I dont think yo uare pregnant but take a test in few weeks just to ease your mind. goodluck



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