Question About Abortion Age 17 1 2

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midnight_drift - April 4

Can your parents force you to have an abortion? (State of Illinois.) I can't find any laws about this, I don't know what to do about this, because it scares me. Please help.


golden - April 4

no they cant make you get an abortion if you dont want one. its your body and your decision. when are you going to be 18?


Ceno - April 4

Many, MANY years ago parents could easily coerce their children into giving up their grandchildren through abortion or adoption. This is the 21st century, the year 2006, and there are no laws that allow family members to make the decisions for young expectant mothers. I honestly do not think so at all. The only thing is that being a pregnant minor, the parents or guardians must sign for then to get prenatal care. Yet you're 17, so technically, at least where I'm at in New York, you're already considered an adult. There are no laws though. Your parents may try to claim that there are, but they have no rights. You, as the mother, have all maternal rights. Good luck, sweetie. And remember if you don't want to, then you just simply don't.


Lillie E - April 4

the only thing they can do is try to talk you into it, but they can't take you down there and legally do anything.


midnight_drift - April 4

I'm going to be 18 July 22nd, only 3 months.!


mharper - April 4

My parents tried to force me to get an abortion. If they push the issue like my parents did, just stay strong and say no. I promise you wont regret it if you say no.


corinne - April 4

No one in any state can force you to get an abortion even if your 15 years old or younger your parents can do nothing about it. That is the way the law works and that is how the law protects young mother if they want to keep their baby. Nobody can make that decsion but you. Not even your boyfriend.


Jamie-Lee - April 4

My boyfriend tried to get me to have an abortion.I ALMOST went through with it and I'm glad I didn't.I wouldn regret it so much.No one can make you have an abortion.It's your body,you decide what to do.Good luck.


Jamie-Lee - April 4

Opps I said I wouldn't regret it so much I ment to say that I would regret it so much.


frankschick2001 - April 4

Parents (or anyone else) cannot legally force you to have an abortion.


midnight_drift - April 4

Thank you, I know I might sound like an idiot for asking, but I can't help it. Well that's good... I doubt they'd be able to find anyone to illegally do it to me as well.


EricaLynn - April 6

Your parents cannot make you have an abortion, in some states you need their permission to get an abortion, however they cannot force you to have one. No one can make you have an abortion or give your baby up for adoption. You alone carry the baby, its totally your choice.


MMMAMMMA - April 10

No chance. it's totally your decision. The most they can do it beg or threaten, but they can't hold you down or make you swallow those pills. Good luck xxx



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