Question About Adoption Mature Answers Please

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Raven - May 17

Why are there so many fights and arguements about adoption? Adoption is a subject that should be taken very seriously. It's not just the life of the birth parents and adoptive parents at stake here, it's also the life of the child. That child should come first and the arguements need to stop. Im pregnant right now and is considering adoption for my child. What I don't need is morons like you messing with my feelings and choices that I make.


Mr& Mrs Loper - May 17

You know there are alot of people out here that can't have kids of their own and I know I am one or them cause I have polycystic overies and we would love to adopt your baby. We don't have alot of money but we have a lot of love in our family and things so if you want to know more e mail us here [email protected] so hope to hear from you really soon so we can talk and so on.


Raven - May 17

Hi there. My name is amanda. I know what you mean we have been on this site looking to adopt a baby, and all we get is people talking a whole bunch of nonsense and then we get people that email us and say that they want to know more about us and it is a scam or they are just playing games i have been trying for some time to have a baby. And it breaks my heart that i cant bear my pwn children and people can play with my emotions if you are serious about adoption and you do start to look at family i would be more then willing to get to know you more. And you get to know us please email me even if it is just for someoen to talk to [email protected]


Jen - May 17

Hey Raven. Thanks for the kind words. Check out my site and let me know if you want to chat if you are interested in adoption


Jen - May 17

Me again. I am only here looking for a good match and I would NEVER want to take a baby away from someone who is not sure adoption is right for them. We are on an adoption waiting list with an agency..but who knows maybe we can find a good situation on our own.


Cheryl - May 18

Jen your a LIER... you are trying to get Raven to give up her child. Dont bother because she already picked me to be her mommy.


Amanda - May 18

it is very funny that cheryl is writing that being that she is on the road right. i dont know why people have to cause problems.


? - May 18

Yes Cheryl is on the road I can call her if someone needs to talk to her.


Cheryl - May 27

I am home and i cannot believe that some person would write such ugly things posted under my name. I would never talk to other people that way. Calling names and such is not my style. To the person who likes to post as other people and try to cause animosity, you need to go back to the playground until you grow up.



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