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Soon to Be Rebecca Mom - April 5

Im about ready to go into labor any day. My due date is the 9th. I was going to drop out of school for this year and br___t feed our baby to save money by not buying formula. However, my parents, older sister and school counsellor have convinced me to stay in school. They said that only one in ten teenage mothers who drop out ever return. My older siter will help baby sit while im at school. She has a 18 month old little boy. The problem is I will be going back to school five days after I deliver my little girl. I know I will not have enough milk yet to give to my sister to fed Rebecca so is it alright for her to be on formul;a while im in school? Have any other mom's done this?


MELISSA - April 5



Audrey - April 5

Soon to be mom- At the hospital right after you have the baby they'll probably give you the baby to b___st-feed there. The first feeding should be b___st milk because it contains nutrients and antibodies that the baby needs. Going back to school after only 5 days seems too soon for me, your body will need to heal first before you start up regular activities. Best of luck!


Cathy - April 5

You should stay off school for at least two weeks. If you were working you would have to take two weeks by law. Also your milk will probably take around 3-5 days to come in so you will probably be extremely tired from baby eating almost constantly until that happens. The first week is the hardest but it is definately worth it in the long run. If you plan to b___stfeed giving formula that early is a very bad idea. It takes around 6 weeks for your milk supply to become established properly and this will only happen if your baby is feeding regularly. You could express while you are in school every two hours but it isnt as good as a baby sucking. Your body only increases the supply when baby feeds alot and empties the b___sts regularly, a pump wont empty the b___sts enough even though there may not be anything coming out. Breastfeeding is hard in the early days as baby feeds alot and you may get sore. Once you milk supply settles down it is so much easier but giving bottles before baby is 6 weeks old can cause nipple confusion and badly affect your supply. In the long run b___stfeeding is soooo much easier than bottlefeeding especially during the night, you can get more sleep because you dont have to get up and get a bottle, you can just feed baby in bed and fall back to sleep while baby feeds (cosleeping is safe despite what hv's and doctors say) Here are some good b___stfeeding info sites Hope this helps Cathy


katie - April 5

i havent had my baby yet shes due june but goin bk after 5days is a bit early cause ur goin b really sore and stuff for a while after but gd luck =0 xxx katie


becca - April 5

if you try and give your baby bothe so soon after being born you will confuse her and she may not take to the b___st also you may not produce enought milk in the first place you should go back to skool till at least a month later


Elissa - April 21

It gets very confusing trying to do both formula and b___stmilk in the early months. It is not advisable to give formaula so soon if you truly want to b___stfeed your baby too. Contact your local La Leche League group for advice. They can also help you locate a quality b___st pump to use while you're in school. Your school administrators should help you find a time and place to pump. It'll be challenging, but worth it if you can give your baby b___stmilk for awhile. Good luck!


crystal - April 21

I think 5 days is way too early to go back to school. I think u should wait at least 2 weeks like cathy said, and just pump in between cla__s, and give your baby the bottle instead of your b___st.(to prevent nipple confusion)



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