Question For Pg Women

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hailey07 - February 21

Have any of you ladies had very light symptoms of pregnancy? Meaning almost no morning sickness, normal br___ts, regular energy level, etc. Basicallly what I am asking is if anyone has found out that they were pregnant just based on a late period and no other symptoms?


Brittany - February 21

I didn't have symptoms with my second baby, just lightly sore b___bs, I didn't know I was pregnant for two months, I went to the doctor and he told me, it came as a shock! My first baby I had an idea because of sore b___bs and my back hurt but I never had morning sickness etc.


KaseyA - February 21

I actually had no symptoms at all when I got a positive test. I had just gotten off my IUD and my period never came. So I tested and sure enough I was pregnant. I didn't start feeling symptoms until a few weeks after I found out.


mommybabyboy21 - February 22

I had no symptoms what so ever and I had a medical condition that often made me miss was a fluke that I found out that I was pregnant...and I am 24 weeks pregnant now...never had morning sickness or anything the first trimester didn't really feel pregnant until about 20 weeks.


Meghan - February 23

In all honesty if I wasn't trying to get pregnant (I am 21 and married) I wouldn't have even thought anything was up until I missed my period because I didn't really have any noticable symptoms. I tested 5 days before my period and found out. I am now almost 37 weeks preg and I have had a very easy pregnancy (aside from now I am getting really uncomfy) So yes I believe that you can have next to no symptoms or very light ones easy enough to over look and think that they are nothing.


EricaLynn - February 23

When I was pregnant with my daughter my only symptom was that I was tired sometimeIs. I hardly ever got nauseus and never got sore b___bs. The only reason I knew I was pregnant in the beginig was a late period and three pregnancy tests.


Kirsty Marie - February 26

i had no morning sickness what so ever.the only way i found out was a test i took cause i was a week late.other then that i had no symptoms!


krista-lee - February 26

during my first pregnancy i never had any morning sickness, and found out i was pregnant when i was 12 weeks along. Now, i have a lot of morning sickness and thats how i thought i might be pregnant again, so i guess its all different.



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