Question Of The Day 2

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amanda17 - November 21

How did you meet your significant other and/or baby's daddy?


durante baby - November 21

My sister was dating his brother I was 11 or 12, jimmy (dh) lived in bullhead city Az...I lived in Vegas...Jimmy would come out here to visit his family. He would stay the summer with us. Him and I would play video games but that was about it...usually because of my mother (long story) anyways I always really liked him but it was til summer of 2001, he came to vegas and was staying til his sister had her baby and then he was going back. He was again staying with us, and eventhough i liked him before. This was different. I loved him immediately..We had i guess you could say a summer fling, and then by about october his mom was calling asking when he was comming back and he told her sorry mom i have other obligations i want to be with out here in vegas......Now just a few littlw wierd that i want to point out and correct......YES, my sister and i dated brothers (people think that is so wierd) NO, my sis and brother in law are no longer together, they havent been since 2002ish, but they do have a beautiful daughter that my sister doesnt take care of.....and last but not least> I wasnt a whore as a teenager. In fact i was very respectful of my body, and was very safe to do min. with guys growing up...When dh and i actually got together it was about 2 weeks before we started having s_x. but he was different then everone else and i just knew that> if I was wrong that would have been fine because I felt so strongly the way I did then.....Needless to say my instincts were correct. I have a wonderful husband and i believe him and i can get through all our ups and downs in relationship world, because we always do, and we have 2 wonderful boys, and currently wishing we could have another


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - November 21

Well it was my friends birthday. She had a huge crush on him but he didn't really like her, something still compelled him to go. We we're all meeting up at the mall. Well when he came by I was absolutely in love with him. He liked me too :-). We flirted nearly the entire time, yet also pretended to hate each other. Days later we e-mailed each other and got each others phone numbers and have been together ever since.



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