Question Of The Day I Think I Skipped A Day Or Two

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amanda17 - December 4

Did/do you like your OB/midwife? Why or why not? Would you go to them again for your next child (f you have one)?


amanda17 - December 4

When I was pregnant I was always bashing my OB saying he was so stupid and never told me anything or made anything clear to me. Now that I look back I realize he didn't tell me anything so I wouldn't freak out! Which I probably would have haha. I think he's good at telling what people need to hear and what's better left unsaid so they don't stress out too much (even though I stressed out anyways) He's good at what he does and I was especially pleased that he was there on delivery day. I actually loved my whole hospital and the entire staff so much I hope to work there after college. I'd probably be pretty upset if I didn't go there again for my next little one.


amanda17 - December 4

LOL I guess I skipped a week! Jeeze where does the time go?


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 4

I friggen hate my OB right now. They aren't keeping proper track of ANYTHING. They are b___ds.


V9653 - December 5

I saw my ob twice! And everytime I saw him it was like he had just got done smoking pot because he'd be doing exams and make SLLLLOOOOW weird comments like he'd never seen a v____a before. God 2 minutes of him talking made me go to sleep. Also like I've said before, I went to him after I started getting that headache, stiffness in my neck, and swelling and he took my blood pressure and saw it went up significantly but because it was just below an alarming level he did nothing. The problem is that usually I have a low blood pressure and nurses on the hospital hotline told my ex that just that difference should have been enough to set off an alarm. Also, the nurses in his office were stuck up b___hes. My OB didn't deliver my son (and God I'm glad for it) but he did pop his head in during the worst part of labor and just bored me with small talk. God I didn't like him and no I would never want to have him again. If I have another child I'm going to go with a midwife and I'd like to go to a birthing center!


angelmonkey - December 5

my midwife ( you dont get tp pick or anything) was abit ott loud and would laugh over everything which was annoying but now i,ve moved i have to make an appoinmtent at my docs to see another midwife............i dont even know if they deliver your baby of wether the hospital midwives do lol my worst fear is having one that hasnt even had children or some old stuck up old fashioned one lol! i seen one at the hospital when i had my anti D which for me was quite painful to have about 3inces of needle shoved directly in your thigh lol but as she was inserting it she was really over the top on telling me to breath and saying it was ok it was like i was pushing the babys head out the way she was talking to me lol!


V9653 - December 8

Amanda-as I have said, I was on government a__sistance when pregnant and I had to go to a preggo clinic for a while and they refer you to an OB. Well I guess the att_tude from the ob's is that they really don't like that they have these women from these clinics being squeezed into their already busy schedules. He was the only one with openings within a much needed window that I needed to be with an OB. It sucked not having much of a choice. I know I probably could have gone through some channels to get to someone else, buuuuttt, I was dealing with so much stress when pregnant, I just had the att_tude like, let's get through it, and make the best of it. Luckily he didn't do any of the real important testing or ultrasounds. When u are on gov. health insurance they keep your ultrasounds to a minimum and I should have only had one-they sent me to the techs at the hospital (thank God!) and they were wonderful, but like i've said before, they saw a prob with the bloodflow on the side where I got hit, so I got another ultrasound to keep an eye on it. Anyway, the annoyance was kept down to a minimum, and most of the time I didn't deal with the dude-he wasn't a part of the labor or delivery-the people who were were ANGELS! I don't have much of a "there for you" mom and she actually didn't get the call that I was in the hospital because she was out getting drunk and partying, but the wonderful thing was that the woman who came in to check my blood ended up finishing her rounds and just came in and stayed with me. She had such a sweet and calm way about her, she was like everything I would have dreamed of for a mom in that situation, and she coached me through the whole thing. Stayed in my face when the contractions got bad-she was an absolute angel. She kept me focused and kept my ex from pa__sing out! So I can't complain about the whole experience!


amanda17 - December 8

Aww see, that's why I want to be a nurse! The ones at my hospital were great too. When I was released they all gave me a big hug and told me good luck with everything :)


charee - December 9

I liked the DR i had with my FB, and I LOVED the DRs i had with my second. There are 3 Drs at the clinic i go to... we want to move out of this town and the only thing i even think about is... I want them to be my DRs if i have another baby so i must stay. The hospital was very accomodating of me and my crazy all natural birth and birth plan etc. (They didnt force an episiotomy with my 2nd and i was allowed to birth him squatting and be in and out of shower during labor. Aww.... i want to do it again!


durante baby - December 9

NO DRUGS!!! that is crazy talk!!! lol jk... i am so proud of you and your natural births> I tell everyone how crazy you are....I am suppose to be the lumber jack remember?


charee - December 9

LMAO... This is so innappropriate........... that expains all the knives and saws in the hospital!



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