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abriamiacadia - March 9

Ok, its a question that my mom has.. lol.. funny anyways, she's not pregnant and she cant be lol but I figured you guys are pretty smart so I thought at least one of you would know, but when she pees she starts bleeding and it burns.. she's not on her pd. either... any suggestions on what could possibly be the problem? Because I told her if it keeps happening we should get her to the dr.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 9

sounds like a urinary tract infection to me...I had them before and you described how it was for me. She should get it checked soon because if you wait to long it gets worse and can mess with your system.


Meagan18 - March 9

my cousin had a uti and that's kinda how it was for her. she didn't really bleed (thank god since she's only 6 lol) but it burned a lot for her. going to the dr. is the best bet.


babyonboard16 - March 9

sounds like a bladder infection she needs to go to the doctor cause that sounds like itd suck!


misschrissie - March 9

It's either a UTI or a kidney infection. With blood, it means that it's gone too long without treatment. She needs to see a dr. asap. This has happened to me a few times in my life.


Mommy_to_be - March 9

Urinary Tract Infection/ Kidney infection/ Kidney stones...she should go to the doc asap (blood in the urine is a signal of a serious problem) she needs to get on antibiotics asap.


mari_drew - April 28



MelissaP - April 29

Definitely uti...the blood is in her urine.....that is what happens to me. My uti's progress quickly. It have the sense of urgency and's no fun! I am sure she is already treated sicne this is like over a month old..just adding my two cents for anyone else who will read this!..=)


anewmommy - April 30

well before i got pregnant i had tht happening to me so i went to a dr. he said i had a bladder infection becasue i was bleeding and also it was burning and hurt so bad to pee so yea...and the med's he gave me for my infection weakend my b.c and i became preg.



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