Questions About Periods On The Pill And Pregnancy Test

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HopeImNotPregnant - October 7

Hi everyone! I'm 19 years old and have been on birth control pills for about a year. I was always perfect in taking them -every day, same time. However, the past month or so I slipped up and there were many times where I was up to 9 hours late taking my pill. The last time I had a real period was August 17th - August 24th ish. After that, I was due to have another "period" on the birth control pills (the non-hormone pills) the week of Sept 14th - 21st. However, because I was going on vacation, I skipped those pills and never had a period. I also had s_x many times that week. I was due to start my "period" (or whatever it is when you're on the pill!) on Sunday. Usually the bleeding happens by Monday. It's now the end of Tuesday and still no bleeding. I've had lots of discharge like I usually do with periods, but no blood. Was just wondering if this could mean anything - if there's no blood but discharge, does that count as a period? Should I take a pregnancy test? The last time I had s_x was September 23rd. When would be a good time to take a test? Thanks !!


V9653 - October 8

Well I'd agree that's high risk behavior! If you are already pretty much late, and it's been at least two weeks since any chance of conception then a test should be good now. Usually when women who aren't on the pill are testing, it's two weeks after ovulation (time they probably conceived) and that's when most tests can register an accurate result-so go test and let us know what happens.


Teddyfinch - October 8

skipping your inactive pills to skip a period is absolutely common and even suggested by some doctors, so i'd say you're fine. your period may just be late because you took the two months at once instead of giving your body a chance to bleed. i used to have my periods at the beginning of the inactives, but then for no reason, they started coming on day 5 of the inactive pills, and sometimes i would even skip the period altogether. and i was taking them on time! so i would say if you are nervous take a test, but you should always use a backup protection anyway. i still say you're doing just fine, though.



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