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Mari - August 17

yes, i'm sure that this post and the viewing of this site is only a last resort because I have better things to do then to read fantasy stories of people with poor grammar. But since I'm here I might as well post my problem. About one week ago I had s_x with an aquaintance after one too many drinks. This was not my first time, I'm 17 almost 18, and I lost my virginity when I was 16. Don't get me wrong, our s_x was consensual although I really don't remember how we even got into this dispostion, but if I can remember correctly, I think he pulled out after he started c_mming. I'm not really sure, but then a couple of hours later we had s_x again and I think he pulled out before ejaculating. I could be biased because I'm really hoping that nothing is wrong, but Im scared that I could be pregnant for my own personal reasons. I think I need some advice if it turns out that I am....


Shorty - August 17

Mari, I think it depends on what time of your cycle you had s_x and if there was any protection used. Most girls usually ovulate around 12 to 14 days before your next bleed, and in that time I think the egg is only fertile for a couple of days.. if that. I think the best thing to do if first find out if you are, then you will know what situation you are facing. If he did pull out, I would say the chances of you being pregnant would be quite smaller than if he came inside you.The best time to do a test would be the first day of a missed period, and if you haven't missed it, I would not worry yourself sick about this.


brucen - August 17

Did you think of emergency contraception, which can be taken 72 hrs after the "disposition". Pull out method is more effective than say not pulling out. Overall it's about 86% effective. Considering you or both of you were sloshed, how can you be sure he pulled out in time? In any case if you find out you are pregnant there is always a medical abortion.



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