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Josie - January 10

I keep reading all these posts about girls who are worried about there boyfriends 'c_mmin' inside of them , and worried that their pregnant, can i just ask something? Do you not have ANY RESPECT for your bodies??? It's your body remember, and will always be, letting your bf's do this, i just don't understand? What about HIV/AIDS, warts, and infertility, do none of you think? You must all think so low of your selves to let your boyfriends do this to you, and they must think they've hit the jackpot! They don't care about you! But then again, neither do you! I've been with my fionce now for nearly 2 years, and never once have we had unprotected s_x, he RESPECTS my body you see, and in return we have had a respectful relationship, and i trust him, and he trusts me, the only thing your all going to get out of your relationships is an STD and an unwanted child!


Maria - January 10

I absolutely agree with this posting. I think most of us have engaged in behavior that looking back on, we'd change. But when I was a teenager I would have NEVER let a guy ejacualte inside of me. Actually the first man I EVER let do that was my fiance, and that was only when we were actually trying to get pregnant. As the poster says, there is a lot more things to worry about than getting pregnant. DISEASE! And who is going to want your nasty funky a__s when you are being treated for herpes or genital warts or hepat_tis??? The decisions you make today follow you forever. Unless you are lucky, of course. But are you willing to leave your future to luck???? And trust me girls, a guy who comes inside of you DOES think he hit the jackpot and he's probably telling people about you as we speak.


Josie - January 10

Maria, thank you for your comments, i just find some of these posts shocking! Me and my partner are trying now, and it's the first time we've ever had unprotected s_x. He respects me a lot for it, even though he was a virgin as well, he still went and got tested before he even touched me! Thats a man! One thing that should also be mentioned is how girls always say 'well it takes two to tango' and 'i couldn't of gotten pregnant by myself' well no you couldn't, but you could of prevented it! Your boyfriend can't take the pill for you! Your boyfriend didn't force your knickers off, you all willingly open your legs to these guys without one thought or consideration for your bodies or your futures!


maria - January 10

I really don't know what to say about the girls on this forum. Some of them really do shock me. I am not an angel, but I always knew how to protect myself. I was never in a situation where I had a "pregnancy scare". While my fiance is not my first partner, he is the first person I've ever had unprotected s_x with. He was tested for Aids before a surgical procedure about 9 months ago. I have been tested many times, as I am a blood donor, was tested after a surgery, and was recently tested for HIV when I learned I was pregnant. This testing was part of my initial prenatal care visit. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage. But we are trying again. I don't understand why girls would bring on pregnancy drama so early in life. They are so clueless.


Jodie - January 10

I understand that accidents happen, there are some girls that are on birth control, and it just hasn't been lucky for them, and it's not all the girls that get pregnant, it's mainly the girls that post on here to be honest. They sound un-educated and really clueless (like you said) I think it's really sad to be honest, i was actually able to talk to my mum about s_x, and she got me on contraception, and i think it's really bad that some people can't do that (not the girls fault) but they come into this forum, asking us if they could be pregnant because they got caught in the moment, or the condom split or they NEVER use anything! I just don't understand it?? There are so many clinics etc these days, and it's all free! They must think there only good for one thing!


Josie - January 10

Yeah, but also, it's not only pregnancy remember! Pregnancy should be the last of their worries! It's like their asking for and STD!


Krista - January 10

who are you to say these girls oyfriends do not care about them? people make mistakes, and YOU are NOT perfect so dont come in here telling these girls what they should and shouldnt do. all the girls that have ended up pregnant in here, about 95% of their boyfriends staywith them and are behind them, so why dont you tell me how 'they dont care about them'. All we're going to get out of our relationships is an std and an unwanted child? excuse me miss but most of us in here, even 14 year olds want our children, and as for an STD im pretty sure if they knew their boyfriends had an STD they wouldnt have s_x with them, or atleast make them use a condom. you have no right to tell me, and these girls we have no repect for ourselves, your just a spiteful adult whos trying to shove your belifs down our throats. do us a favor and stop acting like you know us and whats right for us, cause frankly my dear you dont even have a sweet clue.


Jase - January 10

the bottom line is that if you don't want to get pregnant then use protection and bc. it has nothing to do with respect. by a certain age people should know the consequences a__sociated with s_x and should make choices to act responsibly. if they choose not to then they have to face the consequences. its that simple.


to kirsta - January 10

Where do you get 95% of boyfriends stay.That is not true for even aldults.The number drops quite a bit for teens.Maybe 95% of the girls you talk to but not 95% in general.


nice - January 10

Nice way to generalize everybody


Krista - January 10

i said most people on this boards boyfriend stay with them, not all women in the world, care to actually read what i said? and yes i am going to have my baby thank you, and no im not expecting anyone to pay more attention to me and im not looking for anyone to feel bad for me. my boyfriend and i are happy we are having this baby, and you have no right to say who respects themselves or not cause you dont know any of us. get a life.


to josie and maria ... - January 10

hey girls.. i would like to say though you had some valid points there are some of us who get pregnant because we get hurt or raped or abused and we dont have a choice about it and we are on here legitamatly looking for help and i say it is very rude and disperspectful and down right mean of you to come on here and be like this... just becuase you have been good and never been hurt doenst mean that a lot of us have... if you really care about girls and what we do then show some compa__sion


Josie - January 11

Neither myself or Maria said anything about the poor girls that get attacked! All we were saying, was all these girls vary from ages 13-16 and they end up pregnant, it doesn't take einstein to work out that they didn't use protection! And another thing we were saying was that pregnancy should be the least of your worries! I've never heard once on any of these forums girls saying 'i had s_x with my boyfriend and i'm worried i have an std' they seem to forget all this stuff is out there! Girls/women are worth a lot more than this! And i really respect all the girls/women that have their babies! All we were saying was the fact that they are LETTING their boyfriends have unprotected s_x with them at a young age! That boy may respect them, but not as much as he would if she made him wear a condom! And i reckon that if the girls didn't let their bf's do this only 50% of them would stick around!


Maria - January 11

I agree with Josie again. I never said anything bad about those who are the exception to the rule like women who get raped etc. I mean come on......Anyway, I have a problem with girls who let guys just come inside of them! I don't think those girls have any self respect. I'm sorry, but that is my opinion and none of your far fetched examples will make me change my mind. Guys can be dogs sometimes and before you know it, they are telling all their friends how YOU let him have s_x with you, with no protection and he didn't even have to pull out. That is what is called gaining a reputation. Unless you don;t care about having a bad reputation, go ahead and do whatever you want. This is why girls are called s___ts. I don't like the term, but it exists and why should you do something that warrants mpeople giving you that t_tle?


Josie - January 11

And by the way Krista, no one ever said anything about 'wanting your babies' i'm 100% certain that if anyone found out they were pregnant at an early stage and decided to keep it the baby is 'wanted' what WE are ACTUALLY saying is why not prevent that from happening!! And don't go telling me that most of the girls on here have actually tried to get pregnant! (wouldn't surprise me though) I'm talking about all the 'my bf came in me, could i be pregnant' posts! But hey, thank you for proving my point about the 'un-educated' part! Try reading posts properly before commenting next time love!


Josie - January 11

My point comes from this - All these poor girls that become pregnant at an early age obviously had unprotected s_x with their boyfriends! No two ways about it! But now you tell me this, How is it that a boy/man will gladly c_m in you, but won't stick around when a babies involved? I'm not saying it happens to everyone, there are some really decent kids out there, and Krista i think its great your happy, but i'm just going by what i hear 24/7 on this site! And it has EVERYTHING to do with respect! If a girl gets pregnant when she's young or has an STD she's a s___t, but if a boy gets a girl pregnant, his a hero! Either way the bloke wins, so repect will never come into his head! All myself and Maria are saying, is it's your body, and i feel sorry for all you girls that come on here saying about all these suspected pregnancies and how scared you all are! What about him??????? You should MAKE him wear a condom, if wants to be with you so badly, and respects you as a person, why the hell didn't he INSIST on wearing one in the first place??


Josie - January 11

one more thing, sorry but Krista I'm just going to quote you on something - and as for an STD im pretty sure if they knew their boyfriends had an STD they wouldnt have s_x with them, or atleast make them use a condom - Do you not know that most STD's go un noticed for months! And not only that, why not wear a condom in the first place??



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