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Sarah - September 13

i was raped 1 month ago during the examination they said that i was pregnant does the rape trauma mean that my baby is damaged? i am only 2 months gone i was to shocked at the time to ask any questions. my scan is aranged for next week. During the rape i was hit in the stomache.


Viv - September 12

Sarah, take a big hug from the whole forum for what you are going through! I understand that you were a month pregnant at the time of the rape. The fetus is very small and very well cushioned. I think it very unlikely that any harm was done. You, however, have much from which to recover. I hope you are getting counseling. One of the weird things about human nature is that we tend to blame ourselves for anything bad that happens. Its nature's way of a___lyzing traumatic events to see if there is anything we might have done to avoid the situation. It's OK to think or talk that through, but at the end remember that nobody has the right to use your body when you don't agree to it, no matter what the circ_mstances.


Sarah - September 12

Thanks viv, youv'e made me feel much better about my baby. They recommended counceling and i went to one session, but i found out that my best friend was the easiest person to talk to. Much better than any stranger


Olivia - September 12

I don't think the baby is damaged by the rape. However, you need to take care of yourself emotionally. Your doctor will help with the rest. I think counseling is a great idea. You have been through alot and you need to talk about it to get through it. Good luck & God bless.


Katie - September 13

i think you should read again. she meant she was raped and then during the examination they told her she was preg. your just mean and the only one here who is a dumba__s. why should she get rid of the baby? it's not the rapists read again dumba__s


Molly - September 13

Hang in there Sarah! I don't think your baby was probably hurt by the rape. If your doctor is not addressing your concerns, please find a new one, okay? In the meantime, there a plenty of rape support groups in various areas which are sometimes better to talk to because they have been in your shoes. I am sure your local Emergency room could direct you. Take care of yourself & your baby.


Bible Basher .LOL. - September 15

God Loves You. No matter What


Tara - September 18

I feel so bad for you. Nobody should ever have to endure a rape. I don't think the baby was hurt b/c it was too small. Let us know how your sonogram goes. In the meantime, get some counseling. You are going to need professional help to get through the trauma of the rape. Lots of love, sweetie.



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