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jade1991 - May 5

hi i am 14 i was raped nine months ago i then found out i was pregnant (i know the baby is the result of rape cos i was a virgin) and i decided to keep the baby after all its not the babys fault her fathers a rapist so i told my parents but i didnt tell them that i was raped i just said it was a one night stand i thought it would be easier to get over the rape if i forgot it ever happened and all the way through the pregnancy i loved the baby she was everything t me i would have died for her and 3 days ago i gave birth to her 2/5/06 at 1.24am and when the midwife hande her to me all i felt was sudden rush of hate and resentment and now i am at home with her alone during the day am scared i am gonna hurt her every time( i dont wanna )i look at her i see her dad and remember what happened that night i want to love her but i cant and i cant talk to my parents cos they dont no i was raped and all my mates ave left me cos they think am some s___t i am so angry and scared lonely i ave no one to talk to


corinne - May 5

You should really think about talking to your parents about this. They are the people that you can trust the most. They wont be angry at you for feeling this way if they know the whole story which I think you should tell them. They maybe able to help you out with all your problems. And I'm sorry you feel that way. But remember that is your baby as well and try to keep his image out of your mind so you can go at ease a little better with your little one.


MelissaP - May 5

You are most likely suffering from post partum depression as well as the other emotions stemming from the rape. You need to tell a trusted adult about what happenend to you asap. Yuo need counseling and treatment for your emotions and so you can learn to cope with what happenend to you. The a**hole that did this to you also needs to be brought to justice(as corny as that sounds). You should not let him get away with such a despicable act. Tell you parents, a minister/priest, an aunt/uncle, anyone you trust. You might be putting you or yor baby in danger without treatment for your stress. Take care and I wish you well sweetie. I will be praying for you! Make sure you tell someone asap!!


Rachel0510 - May 5

You should have told your parents straight up at the beginning that you were raped. Bottom line - because this man does not need to be out in the streets trying to rape other girls. And if you feel like you are going to hurt the baby you definatly need to give the baby to somebody real quick! I know you are upset and feeling alone but there is no excuse for you hurting a baby. Tell someone in your family or call the police. Don't do something that you will regret. There is help out there. Good luck.


maren - May 5

im not trying to be rude im just a bit confused you posted in another post t_tled "13 and pregnant" that you got pregnant by your 30 year old boyfriend, so was it him that raped you? or someone else well no matter who it was you definetly need to tell someone and find some one that you can talk to about this so they can help you get through this. i hope everything turns out well


Bebita_Linda - May 5

you might need to go see a doctor cuz its seem that you have the Postpartum Depression just remba its not the baby faults


jade1991 - May 6

thanks for everyones answers i am very gratefull . what is post partum deppression ? i dont want to give the baby away . i cant tell my parents about it i am just gonna have to get over it . maren yes is my answer to your question . thanxs again


shesdymed - May 6

honestly . ur going to have to tell ur parents, it seems like u wont get over somethin like this when u see whats came out of the rape everyday and thats in you baby. ur not the first and u wont b the last u need to do somethin about it to get it out of u. if u feel like u dont want to tell ur parents ask them to set a date up with u for a counsiler to speak about this.. talking to someone that will understand will b a lot easier on you :) if u need someone to talk to email me [email protected]


MelissaP - May 6

Many women experience baby blues – an extremely common reaction following delivery – it usually appears suddenly on the third or fourth day. It’s estimated that up to 70% of all new mothers experience this emotional letdown, which generally does not impair functioning. Symptoms usually include crying for no reason, irritability, restlessness and anxiety. These are common and frequently less severe postpartum reactions.About one in 10 new mothers experience some degree of postpartum depression. These complications usually occur within just days after the delivery, and can occur even a year later. These symptoms include: Sluggishness Fatigue Exhaustion Feelings of hopelessness or depression Disturbances with appet_te and sleep Confusion Uncontrollable crying Lack of interest in the baby Fear of harming the baby or oneself Mood swings – highs and lows


MelissaP - May 6

also.......A past history of non-postpartum mood disorder and a family history of mood disorder increases the risk of postpartum depression. A woman experiencing postpartum depression usually has several of these mild to severe symptoms – the symptoms and their severity may alternate. Usually the woman experiencing these symptoms feels isolated, guilty and ashamed.· Postpartum-onset mood episodes can present with or without psychotic features. Infanticide is most often a__sociated with postpartum psychotic episodes that are characterized by command hallucinations to kill the infant, but it can also occur in severe postpartum mood episodes without such specific delusions or hallucinations. The risk of postpartum episodes with psychotic features is particularly increased for women with prior postpartum mood episodes, but elevated for those with a history of mood disorders. Once a woman has a postpartum episode with psychotic features, the risk of recurrence is 30-50% with each delivery. There is a subset of women who experience postpartum psychotic episodes that may include infanticide. This is characterized by hallucinations by the new mother to kill the infant, or delusions that the infant might be possessed.


MelissaP - May 6

got that information off a sire..hope it helps.....


MelissaP - May 6



ChannY - May 6

don't be trying to scared her with that madam. but anyway, i'm so sorry to hear what happen jade. you might want to talk to your parents about this. otherwise it'll come back and haunt you til you tell them. trust me..been there but wasn't pregnant from it. your friends ain't nice. oh well it's their loss. i hope everything is all well with you and your lil darling xx


MelissaP - May 7

if you are reffering to me ChannY, I am just answering jasde1991's question. She asked what post partum depression was and I gave her a little insight from an article I read. There is nothing wrong with sharing information with someone. It might be beneficial so she can see if any of these symptoms relate to her situation so she can recieve the neccessary treatment


ChannY - May 7

i know i know i know. hell its pointless arguing over nothing:S i'm not going to say anything bout it anymore.


MelissaP - May 7

um...i wasnt arguing..but ok


Jaya - May 7

hi Jade i know how you feel. i got pregnant through rape at 13. although to be honest my feelings were the opposite way round to yours in a way - i hated the baby all the way through my entire pregnancy but when she was born premature and had a big fight on her hands i knew i loved her. it could be PPD but i think maybe cos you just trying to forget it ever happened you got issues not dealt with. i do think telling your parents would be a good idea i really doubt they would be mad at you and you'd probably be surprized how supportive they are to you. if your friends did that to you then they are not friends they shouldnt think that way even if they dont know about the rape. if you need to talk my msn is [email protected]



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