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Jaya - May 7

hi Jade i know how you feel. i got pregnant through rape at 13. although to be honest my feelings were the opposite way round to yours in a way - i hated the baby all the way through my entire pregnancy but when she was born premature and had a big fight on her hands i knew i loved her. it could be PPD but i think maybe cos you just trying to forget it ever happened you got issues not dealt with. i do think telling your parents would be a good idea i really doubt they would be mad at you and you'd probably be surprized how supportive they are to you. if your friends did that to you then they are not friends they shouldnt think that way even if they dont know about the rape. if you need to talk my msn is [email protected]


frankschick2001 - May 8

You should not expect to be able to just get through this on your own all by yourself. This was very traumatic and you should speak to someone who can really help you. Someone who specializes in rape or post traumatic stress disorder. Also, let your mom know so she can help with the baby until you trust yourself more.


Big mumma - May 8

You may not want to tell your parents but you need to tell someone, it is important for you not to hold your hate, anger and resentment towards this guy inside. If you keep your feelings bottled up you could end up hurting yourself or your baby. Speaking of your hurt online is a start the next person that you could tell is your doctor or midwife (remembering that information that you give them is confidential) and work up to telling your parents. Your parents may be dissapointed that you didnt come to you sooner but will hopefully stand by you with love and support which is what you need. I am sorry that this has happened to you and hope that you get the support from someone close you that you need. Good luck, I wish you all the best.


Tasha - bump - May 10

hi i was raped when i was 16 and fell pregnant unfortunately i didnt keep it and i regret it every day, i think you should tell people what happened and you might get a bit more support and you should may b try go to a few mother and baby cla__ses it will help you make friends, talk to your doctor see if he can get you counseling good luck sweetie xx


ChANTELLE - May 10



GreenAngel9 - May 11

you should tell your parents you were raped. he should go to jail. As for your baby, your her mother, and you wouldn't do anything to harm her even if you think you might one day. it's probably just from stess since your 14 and have a baby. do you still go to school? my friend seems that way sometimes, but she wouldnt do anything to hurt her baby.


AliciaO - May 15

Oh sweetheart I am so sorry to hear you are going thru this and at such a young age. I just want to offer you my opinion based on my 25 years here on earth. Anytime a person goes thru a trama such as rape they will have left over feelings that will surface at some point weather it is right away or years later. Some times it is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Hunny you should know that what you are experiancing is unfortunatly fairly common, but the good news is that it is treatable. If you are not ready to tell your parents yet maybe you could explain your feelings to your doctor who is bound by law to keep what you say confidential. Your Doctor will be able to diagnos you if you are suffering from some form of Post Traumatic stress and be able to help you even if you are not by refering you to someone who can or by prescribing you some medication that can make it better. You will probably feel alot better if you can see a psychologist, but if you are not able to do that now, your main doctor or whomever was in charge of your pregnancy care will be able to help you if you just tell them what is going on. Unfortunatly your case is fairly common, but that means there is well tested treatments that will help you. Remeber your doctor has to keep anything you tell them a secret, no matter what, so see if you can talk to yours ok? If you need any more support we are all here for you, and you may be surprised how many of us can relate exactly to your feelings. Good Luck Sweetheart!


rose aimee - May 15

First of all..you are not a s___t..you have to do what you feel is best, your parents would not blame you for lying to them, i think you should come clean and tell them about the rape..


cyndrz632 - May 15

you guys this jade1991 chick has posted different posts..this one she was raped and just had a baby..and the other one she is pregnant...she has different stories


Mommy - May 22




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