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Daile - September 20

Sorry I had to start a new page, the other one wouldn't allow me to post my answer. I have quite a bit to say on this topic. Before I start, I would like to say I am not a religious person, and none of my views come from a belief in "God," because I do not believe there is one. I do, however, believe abortion is wrong. As to your many arguments to the contrary, they are not well backed up. Shard is the only person on here who seems to have researched the topic at all, and her (his?) arguments are still flawed. Okay, so an embryo, or whatever you wish to cal it, doesn't have a fully formed, functioning brain or nervous it's okay to kill it? Think about this...a mentally handicapped infant does not have a fully formed, functioning brain, and many people, such as quadriplegics, have nervous system it okay to kill them? As to a woman's right to choos, you are absolutely right. A woman has the right to do whatever she wants to her body. But it is not your body you plan to "flush down the loo," as Katie so elegantly put it. That body belongs to your unborn son or daughter. That means it is your child's choice what happens to their body, and since they can't tell you what they want, you'll just have to wait until they can;) And saying tht an earlier abortion is better than a late one, it's not. Sure, the procedure is different. It's not as gruesome, the fetus is smaller, and it's easier to rationalize to yourself...but that doesn't change the fact that your killing a baby. And don't say it's not a baby, it's just a fetus. That's like saying a two-year-old isn't a human, it's just a child. Consider this...a baby's heart starts beating just 18 days after conception. Most of us don't even realize we're pregnant by then! I realize that keeping an unwanted child would be hard. My sister, at the age of 19, has two children, a four year old and a 7 month old. Neither was planned. She kept both of them, however, and is raising them. It made life harder, yes, but not as difficult as people would lead you to believe. Many people say that a woman will no longer be able to attend school, hang out with friends, date, or do any other "normal" activity after having a child. It's simply not true. You will have to plan things in advance so you can get a sitter, or take the baby with you, but you can still do the things you do now. And let's face it, the older you are when you have this unwanted child, the more capable you will be of taking care of it. At 24, you will have more money and resources than a 14 year old would. I'm not going to say you're wrong for having an abortion, because I can understand why you would want one. However, it makes more sense to carry the baby to term. After looking at the life you created, if you still don't think you can raise it as your own, make an adoption plan. There are hundreds of loving couples out there ready and willing to have a baby, but unable to do so. YOU will get to pick the parents, YOU will get to decide how much contact you want to have with the child, and YOU will get to decide if the child will know about the adoption prior to their eighteenth birthday. There is a lot of stigma related to adoption, but it truly is a good choice.


brucen - September 20

All three (keeping it, adoption or abortion) are equally responsible choices depending on what the individual feels is best for her.


nicole - September 20

very well said! i applaud you and respect you for saying what you said! i couldn't have said it better myself! i strongly agree with everything!


m - September 21


Katie - September 22

i didn't mean to be harsh about the flush down the loo thing, but its true i would only have abortion if i was able to have a meadical one not a proper having an operation one cos thats gross. AND adoption is so much harder than an abortion (if you truly want an abortion) because you will always know that somewhere out there you have a child, and even if you dont want to know them they may want to find you one day.


- September 23


mickey - September 23

i agree with everything you said. I may be against abortion because i just dont believe in it but when a woman has an abortion it is on there believes and whats best for them not anyone elses


Kali - September 25

I agree with you and everything you've said. And really, finally someone knows what they're talking about. The ignorance on this website if atrocious.


nate - September 25

Have you guys even looked at adoption statistics or thought about how many children are in foster care or state care who would like to be adopted? or how many adoptions don't work out for the best? how the kids may be affected by being given up for adoption? there are hundreds if not more loving couples but how many of them can afford adoption fees? stop trying to guilt these teenagers into being breeders for people who can't have kids or whatever, but are too selfish to adopt kids already here.


Daile - September 26

I didn't say adoption was 100% perfect. But if you look at statistics, the chance of a newborn being adopted is much higher than that of a three year old. No one said these girls should be "breeders". I was stating the facts about adoption and abortion. If you do not aree with them, that's okay. I'm mature enough to know that not everyone will agree with me.


jenna - September 26

i think i might be pregnant.. im almost 17.. if i am i would never have a abortion.. b/c the lord would not want that.. it is VERY wrong


nate - September 26

Katie--Isn't funny how that line blurs...


Tara - September 27

Ha Ha Ha.... Hit the nail on the head!! Well pointed out! x


agrees - September 27

I totally agree that it's wrong. YHou are absolutely right that they say it's a womans choice to do what she wants to her body, and that the baby isn't HER body, it's it's own body. People can really be selfish. I pitty those who think of abortion... what if their parents did that to them. Or thought about it. How would you feel knowing your parents wanted to kill you because they didn't want you. I know a family with an adopeted child that has missing limbs because the abortion failed... they did the vacc_mme method and it didn't work... kinda sucks don't you think. Living your life realizing that your parents tried to kill you and it didn't work.


toni - September 28

So how do adopted children feel knowing they weren't wanted by their birth mothers?


ashleigh - September 30

i think that if a woman or girl have the guts to kill there unborn child they should be locked away its murder they only way i would let it slide is if u are not able to carry a baby .. i know some onewho can get preg but had carry them ...


Daile - October 11

Toni, most adopted children have no problem accepting the fact that they are adopted. My ex-boyfriend was adopted, as were his brother and sister, and all three knew about it as soon as they were old enough to understand. And they were not mad. They realized that by being put up for adoption their birthmom was looking out for their best interests. My ex's birthmom was 11, and the father was 12. Knowing that, he realized that his life had been much better with his adopted parents than it would have been had his birthparents tried to raise him. Also, if you talk to many adopted children, they will tell you that the people who adopted them are their parents. It doesn't matter who provides the sperm and egg. Parents are the people that care for you throughout your life.



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