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Trying to help - July 3

I read in a birth control magizine i got from a pregnancy canter that if a guy c_ms on or in your va___a that you could become pregnant.The sperm can swim into your va___a and fertilize your egg.Also, if you have s_x and then go wash yourself down there, you can still get pregnant or even catch an std.There are only two ways to prevent pregnancy and std's.One is dont have s_x, and two is use all the protection you can get.Like if you are on birth control, still use condoms and/or even sperm killing cream.You can never use too much protection.And most of all.If you think you might get pregnant from s_x the day before and you dont want to, try to get ahold of the morning after pill.Or if you think you are pregnant, dont use any kind of birth control pills or have s_x,that way if you are pregnant the birth control pills wont kill the baby and if you are not pregnant, you wont risk getting pregnant by having s_x.Thanks and have a nice day.


helpful hints - July 3

You forgot one thing though.We can not tell you if you are pregnant.Search the net for symptoms of pregnancy.If you have pregnancy symptoms then go see your doctor.The only way you are going to find out is if you take a test.Oh, and if you have not told your parents, now might be a good time to start talking.There is only 1 way to be sure your baby is ok.and that is to see a doctor.


trying to help - July 3

oh yeah and you CAN get pregnant even if you have not had your first period yet


so what - July 3

What ever u think your so smart no one cares


to so what - July 3

Why so what? This post was said very nicely and it included a lot of information about questions that are asked over and over. She is smart and you are rude.


~*~C~*~ - July 3

Nicely written. Also please have you boyfriend / male counterpart wash thier hands before fingering you. Yes you can get pregnant from this. We get alot of posts about that. Its a small step to prevent pregnancy.


so what - July 3

you cant get pregnant from beeing fingerd dumb a__s sperm dies when it hits the air good grief and dont say you got pregnant that way cause your full of bs. and im rude because i dont think any one will pay attention to this post and not to mention ppl are still going to post the same questions over because they wont get it no matter what ok ...


Wanda - July 4

Dont worry, ''so what'' is a simple little girl on her period.


Hi - July 4

There is some really helpful information as to how to tell your parents under the Teen Pregnancy section of this web page.


so what - July 4

little girl no!!! im probably older that what u think..... and not to mention thats what this board is for is to post as many questions as you want so screw u all


Deanna - July 4

Well, "so what", maybe we all think you're a little girl because you're acting like one. "Trying to help" posted some good information, and you just for no reason attacked her on that. Good job on that. We're all incredibly impressed.


so what - July 4

i wasnt looking for anyone to be impressed? i was just stating a truth that nomatter how many times you tell some kid somthing they dont understand


To So What - July 4

Sperm doesn't die as soon as it touches air. And no thats not how I pregnant. I got pregnant the old fashion way. ~*~C~*~


Deanna - July 4

You could've stated the truth a bit more maturely, considering you probably are a lot older than we all think. Ya know.


so what - July 4

yes it does i would know my mom is a docter who deals with that kinda stuff


Deanna - July 4

Perhaps your mom misinformed you? Sperm merely BEGINS to die as it enters the air. It is NOT completely dead, and therefore it is still able to pregnate a woman should it come in contact with the v____a. For a good read, visit these websites: or or Have fun educating yourself and practicing safe s_x!


so what - July 4

i guess your right but i dont see how that is possible but its still hard to get prego that way right



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