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nicole - September 7

Note that the easiest time to get pregnant is 14-17 days after you had your last menstrual cramp. That is when you're most likely to get pregnant. Condoms are not 100% effective birth control. Noting is 100% effective besides ABSTINENCE. If you lose your virginity at 11, what more do you have left to give when you're married? Wouldn't you rather want to wait until you are in love and know it, rather then being in some of these peoples positions, being pregnant at 11 and the father dissapears? As much as the media pushes it on us, s_x is not a cool thing to do "for fun." I think it's sickening how the media portrays it in todays point and time. It should not be with some random guy/girl. It should be with the person you love, or at least respect. When you have s_x, know the damn consequences. I personally don't want to hear that you're 11 and pregnant and you're so sad and wish you didn't do it. Number 1, you're friggen 11. Number 2, you CAN'T TAKE IT BACK. Number 3, why are you s_xually active at such a young age? If you truly love some one, then you should be willing to wait until you're mature enough mentally and physically to have s_x, and note all of the consequences.


amanda - September 7

the generations are so different its seems every year you get younger and younger when you start doing things .. kids in 6th grade are having s_x .. i dont think i even thought about doing that .. when i was about 11 i never thought i would have first had s_x when i was 14 but it is with someone i love and have beenwith for a year now ... its so sad how 11 year olds are pregnant..


Katie - September 7

Why do people always go on about s_x after marrige


Kadhija - September 7

An 11 year old isn't mature enough to think they are not mature enough if you get what I mean. When your young you think nothings going to happen to you and you don't think about consequences. It makes me wonder why they don't learn from other peoples mistakes. You only have to come here to see how many girls are in this situation. Young kids now think they are clever for having s_x, its something they think they have to be in on. They only find out when they are older how stupid they were. Not many young kids will listen to adults, especially when it comes to this subject. Remember when your parents wouldn't let you do something and told you it was 'for your own good'? We hated them then but we thank them for it now.


i agree nicole. - September 7

condom is actually cla__sed as 99% effective, thats a fact cause there is still the chance it could break. everyone knows that abstinence is 100% effective. I agree nicole. i hate it how people are 17 and they say oh i love him so much, i want to marry him, he's the one for me. You actually don't. ure still in the years of u have a crush on him. when u are older, an adult, you'll meet so many more people in in your life. LOTS OF PEOPLE. as well is this. u pregnant might not wan't to admit is, but if you have a baby now and the 'father" of the baby has already left you. It has been prooved through surveys that a man is less likely to want you cause u have a kid to another guy. thats a fact. sad but true people.



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