Read This Quot Cries Of A Child Quot It Will Make U Sad

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ellie - April 28

Cries of a Child by Tawanda Ray "How good I feel so cozy and warm Close to my Mommy's heart. Ten weeks of gestation has given My life such a wonderful start. "It's great just floating so freely and light In my Mommy's safe little place. I'm learning now to suck my thumb And do funny things with my face. "I can frown, squint and pucker my brow I am such a sight to see. So many miracles have now taken place To make such a wonderful me. "Yes, Mommie and Daddy must really be proud For the clever thing they have done. I will surely make them happy with glee On the day that I shall be born. "At week 13, I can do many things My movements are graceful and poised. I'm beginning to favor my Mom and my Dad And now I can tell I'm a boy. "At four months of life, I'm a gymnist for sure My somersaults are very fine. My Mommie really knows I am here For I'm tumbling now much of the time. "At six months my hair is beginning to grow A blond I think I will be. Now I can hear my mommy's sweet voice When she sings lullabys to me. My eyes are now open, I can see all around What a glorious creation am I. I can hardly wait to enter the world And begin my most wonderful life. "But wait, something is terribly wrong! I can't imagine what it can be. Something's invading my safe little place And it's making its way toward me. "It's hurting me, I just don't understand Oh mommy, the pain is so bad. What's happening, I cannot comprehend, It's destroying the hope that I had. Great terror wrenches the little heart As the intruder tears at his limbs. The pain is indescribably bad As his tiny life grows dim. He tries to escape but there's no where to go There is undefineable heat His whole little body is burning with fire His agony is now complete. All hope is lost, his safe little place Is now so empty and sad. Destroyed is the precious little boy's life And all the hope that he had. The spirit of life is a precious gift Only God our Father can give. In His own image we are created in love And blessed with our lives to live. So now hear these little cries from beyond And speak out against this strife. Stand up for God, for kindness and love, Stand up for hope and for life.


Shana - August 12

That is really sad!!!


eye rolling - August 12

eye rolling


Ca__sandra - August 12

That is really sad. It really makes you think. Awww..


Gee - August 12

what a b___h! I bet she aborted because her "boyfriend" wasn't ready!


Chole - August 14

OMG that is so sad, i cried. I cannot even imagine, it really does make you think. I dont believe in abortion, although I dont like it, I know that I cant make everyone think like me. I want to thank you for shareing this story it is so sad.


Amanda - August 14

that made me cry, its either about abortion or miscarriage.


FYI - September 11

Evidence shows that brain structures involved in feeling pain begin forming earlier but likely do not function until around the seventh month, when fetuses are about 28 weeks old.


very sad - September 11

that people write these pieces designed to scare, coerce, and misinform.


abortion is murder!fact! - September 11

about time people saw abortion for what it really is!! how can people say this is to scare and misinform? its the truth.......!


(sigh) look fanatic - September 11

I was commenting on the pain aspect. now, back away from the gas soaked crossand put that lighter down!


Margaret T. - September 11

A baby that is born prematurely can sure enough feel pain in their incubator, so what would make you think they don't feel it in the womb? I think that people want to make excuses to take the burden of abortion off of themselves. Abortion is murder, and that is the fact. This is not a religious issue for me, its a human rights issue. A lot of women use abortion as their form of birth control and it has to stop. People just don't want to face the fact that they are commiting murder.


pro choice - September 11

Not that I agree with abortion as birth control, but if they can afford it, or want to do it there is no law stopping them from doing it. Did you read the post that said the fetus doesn't begin to feel pain until about 28 weeks? Most abortions are carried out well before this time.


matty - September 11

omg!! i tottaly agree. i'm crying right now. as you can see you are going to get of of bull sh** on this post. it's awful to to think some of these don't even belive this. well it really does happen!!!!


Angelina - September 11

Aww thats a sad poem. I have a comment about the fetus feeling pain suject though. How would anyone know what hurts a fetus or not?For one i bet no one can remember the days in the womb and for two, scientist cant prove it doesnt hurt them if they cant feel what they feel.


doesn't matter - September 11

A lot of girls come to this site for advice on abortion, i don't think this is the sort of thing they want to read, it will only add to the torment they feel making such a difficult decision. Also, a fetus doesn't feel pain until about about the 36th week of pregnancy as recent studies have been shown.


yawn - September 13

heard it all before



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