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crystal - August 16

Im 17 and 32 wks pregnant w/ a baby boy Im so happy but no teen is ready 4 a baby pregnancy is hard by its self i would not wish it on anyone. I did get married in 03-04 to a loving caring man that i thank God 4 everyday. Iknow that I coulud not have done it w/ out him by my side the whole way if you think that u want a kid think about how your mom and dad will feel think about lossing all your friends b/c that will happend it did to me b/c u will not be abil 2 do what they whant to do think about school do u whant to be a drop out?


jess - August 16

just because gurls get pregnant while still in school doesn't mean they got to drop out theres may other options like daycare and family


SaRaH - August 16

Jess some peoples parents are always there to wipe their a__s. It is a learn on your own process. Have it raise it!!!


Katie - August 16

My parents may not have stuck by me but the rest of my familly did and they help out with day care and my friends have been just as equally supportive. Getting pregnant dosn't mean the rest of your life has to stop


Katie - August 16

SaRaH: surly it would be best to stay on at school to try and give the child the best chance in life. Its got nothing to do with wipeing a__s


Anon - August 16

Well I think what Sarah was trying to say is that some people's families WORK, and cant take care of a child that their child just had. OR Some parents will know had deal with it. I know that is what I would tell my child. Dont get me wrong i would love and care for my child and her baby, But she would do it all by herself. I wouldnt hand her anything....But that is one way of showing your child that you love them. You cant just hand a kid everything or else they learn nothing.


Katie - August 16

well Anon, obvisiouly famillys work probably all of them do, but my nan took an early retirement before i had even had my child. i wasn't saying or judging anyone elses predicament. All i was saying was that having a baby is'nt the end of your life like Crystal made it sound



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