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carrie - June 22

Jane, your mom should have gotten an abortion when she found out she was having you.


From Beth - June 22

This is in response to the person that wrote on June 19th. I agree with you that these girls need support, however there are young girls on here who are just asking questions about s_x and pregnancy. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are. And yes, they do need support. Felicia is just telling them what their parents should be telling them. I remember when I was 14 years old, and I thought I knew it all. And now that I am a little older, and a lot wiser, I know better. She's just trying to make these girls really think about what they are doing. She's not giving bad advice, she's just voicing her opinion. She said nothing about these girls not being able to accomplish anything. Because you and I know that they still can. It's just easier when you really have a plan. My intention was not to offend anyone by agreeing with Felicia, just to let these young girls know the real consequences. She really is giving good advice, by telling them they should wait, which should prevent newborns being left in bathrooms or in dumpsters.


Beth - June 22

Jane, come on. You know abortion isn't for everybody.


hello - June 27

Felicia this site is about pregnancy. And regardless of whether any of us like it or chose it there are young women having babies infact there are children haveing children. Buyt do you really think that it is going to stop by you get up on your soap box and preaching to everyone. It's not up to you to do that. If you come on to this site its to help pregnant people deal with situation they're faced with.


Trinity - June 30

Felicia i see where you are coming from but you cant tell a person o not have s_x.. im sorry but i had my son when i was 14 an my b.f was 17 he worked his a__s off for us an he still does my son has everything he wants! Hes got more shoes then anyone i know of,clothes an toys an books.. He has a very happy life he will be starting school this yr he will be 4 then! im now 18 an my b.f is 21.. i got my GED ab my b.f has his we also have our own HOUSE an car! So girls and guys if yer pregnant or yer girl is pregnant you can be great parents no matter what age you are!


Meagan - June 30

Sometimes it's not the girls fault though. Like with me. I did not have consentual s_x. I was molested and possibly raped and think I could be pregnant. I'm scared half to death, and I'm only 17. There are alot of younger girls on here and they don't need to be having s_x.


kay - July 1

lien, you do realize that others have said much worse stuff than i did. you need prayer. really badly, because that was the devil talking right out of your need to repent. as in, ask God for forgivness.


kay - July 1

actually, you can tell someone not to have s_x till marriage. its just their dicision if they want to listen or not. the people on herewant advice. we are fit to give advice because, if we're not pregnant yet, then, obviouly, we must be doing something right. I AM NOT TRYING TO OFFEND ANYONE. PREGNANT OR NOT.


gal - July 7

soz but it ent ur life u cant tell people wot 2 do!! if they want 2 get pregnant dey can!! and u cant tell wen 2 hav s_x or not !! soz but u cant tell people how to run thier lifes!! yea dat was ur childlife but how do u no their childrens childhood will b like dat !! dey ent like u !! they r them selfs and let them do wot they want!!


Young s_x= bad news - July 7

I agree with Felicia, too many young people ARE having s_x at a young age.I also know that it's their choice.But I bet some of them end up getting raped and more of them end up with some STD.And by the time you get married you've slept with like 50 people. Not cool.And there's tons of like 15 and 16 year olds that think babies are easy to have.Your life totally changes, unless you have a babysitter that you trust,say goodbye to your saturday night out.But oh well they will find out for themselves,and it will be too late, and their kids will probably end up in foster homes, or at poverty level along with their parents, because the parents never went to college. And 1/2 the time the guys bail out.But I do gotta say there are some parents that never went to college like my dad, and can raise their children up just fine.


Jeni - July 12

you make a really good point im 14 and i have been considering having kids for a yr! i know it sounds really stupid but i love babies to death and i see how babies love their mothers like no one else can love ne1 and i want that relationship.. i was someone to love me as i love them.. my parents havent always been there and siblings havent either they all have their own families and dont worry bout me much. so i feel like a loner. i know ur probably thinking wow shes only 14.. but i had to grow up really fast. i had to basically raise myself and teach myself everything i know. I know i need to finish school and get a good job before i consider having kids, but sometimes i get so lonely wanting that mother-child love. but thanks for what you said felicia it makes alot of sense but sometimes kids act before thinking and try to grow up faster then they need to..


Destini - July 13

My mom had me at the age of 14 and I had a great child hood so it sounds to me like you need to stop blaming all the teen moms for your screwed up child hood and you don't have to be so mean either!!!


Trinity - July 23

Young S_x Bad~ Thats bs i was 13 when i lost my virginty and i had my son at 14 to a different person i have only slept with 2 ppl in my life never been rapd nor have i had an std my boyfriend an I have been together for 5 yrs and our son will be 4 Aug 26th, you ppl need to stop judging just ebcuase we have s_x and do things *YOU* would never do doesnt make us any different there is some teens(i know alot) that take care of their child(ren) and wouldnt regret it . I love my son to death i have a Ged my b.f has a GED we bought a house(not a fancy one) but its a home he works so i can be at home with our son. Im sorry ppl like you an Felicia p__s me off , talking about ppl an not even knowing the whole story. Most girls on here are young an are sared and need help why not give some instead of being such a b*I*T*C*H???


kay - July 23

trinity, i understand your point of view, but i understand her's too. she might not think she's being a b*tch. she's just telling her opinion. i mwan, i do realize that i was kinda rude on other posts, but i did go back and apologize. some people are still trippin over some stuff i said, but it doesnt really matter to me.


p___sed - August 4

I don't think you have any right coming on here and saying how girls shouldn't have kids at this age. Okay maybe you haven't noticed, but this is a site for young teens with questions. Ok yeah if they get pregnant, they're all not going to turn out like you and have a horrible childhood. Why don't you just go back to work with the kids and not be so judgemental.


Steph - August 4

There's a lot of people on here who take the precautions to have s_x when they're younge... I was told never to wait till marriage... but that's besides the point... it's true.. anyone who wants a baby this young... has issues :-p but it's they're own choice ot have s_x... and once that happens... they take they're life into their own hands as far as pregnancy... if you dont want to... but a guy makes you... dump him/ call the cops if he forces you .... don't complian about peer pressure... it's all a load of c___p :-P and if you are too young... and you are willing to take resposiblity... good luck to you .... but then again this site is for people who have questions... and need advice... at least htey're taking the effort to ask for help... even if it isn't from someone they know :-)



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