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L - October 26

Why do people say on here 'am I / is she pregnant?'. I just don't get it. How can millions of strangers tell from a screen if you don't even know yourselves?? So many people ask about the symptoms of pregnancy and there are countless books and things that have these details in them - so why keep asking the same questions over and over again? You see it on here, most of the questions are the same thing, don't people take any notice of what the people advising them are saying? You won't find out you are pregnant until you have a positive test (or get a bump/give birth) Nobody on here can tell anyone if they are pregnant or not.


qp - October 27



E - October 27

It drives me nuts. If you don't say "Oh my god, I think you're pregnant!!", they continue to post it till someone says they are. Usually Viv will tell them what they want to hear.


Tiny - October 27

The one that annoys me the most is 'we didn't have s_x, he didn't ejaculate, am I pregnant?' Why bother? I'm annoyed by the amount of obviously fake stories. I'm even more annoyed that lots of people believe them, respond, someone says its fake then they say 'f**k off how do you know its fake'. Then there are ones that are perfectly believable and people say its fake. And that is my rant.


name - October 27

Yeah its really dumb.. the lack of s_x education..Where I live they stop teaching it in grade nine. Kids don't remember anything from that early on...and from my experience dont really start having s_x till like grade ten..and when they are actually having s_x is when they have questions. I didn't know anything about pregnancy symptoms until I was actually pregnant...the only reason I am educated on s_x and stuff now is because I took it upon myself to read and learn as much as I could about pregnancy and stuff..alot of teens don't do that.Many of them really have no clue..a lot of them don't see the reality of things either


Daile - October 28

I think that alot of people who come on here and ask questions like that do so because there is no one in their life that they can talk to about it. If you read, most of these girls are 15 or younger. They are coming here to ask our advice on their problems because they obviously do not trust anyone that they really know enough to confess what they did. If it bothers you that much that these girls ask the same questions repeatedly, then why do you come back? If it's that annoying, why not leave?


M - October 28

No Daile, its because they are dim and are too lazy to read up on it themselves. They want other people to do all the work for them, and basically want a reaction. Some people get a perfectly good reply and send dozens of msgs saying 'anyone else?' Its not because they want a wide range of opinions its because they want to wait until they see an answer they like. The point wasn't about why they post on here because thats what is for, anyone can post (including us so don't suggest we leave), it was about why don't they take the time to read about similar situations and do their own thinking.


Jennie.P - November 1

Saying "it's because THEY" is such a generalization. You two are both right....some of them are uneducated and lazy, they could just as easily look up pregnancy symptoms on a google search. But just from my three days of reading ALL of the questions on the first four pages....I get the impression that most of them are crying for help. But I'm not going to say it's this way or it's that way....I don't discriminate!!



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