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Mommy - November 13

I myself am a teen mom of 2. I love my boys and they are my world and life and there is NOTHING I wouldn't do for them. However, some people seem to think that I condone having children young. I would like to shed light on the realities that come with the little bundles of joy. 1.BABIES CRY...ALOT. If they hurt, want to be held, hungry, over-stimulated, or bored. 2.BABIES REQUIRE CONSTANT CARE. There is very little "me time" after you have children. Your "me time" turns into your "us time" or your "their time." Going out and having fun all the time will be a thing of the past. 3. BABIES ARE VERY EXPENSIVE. Even with the help of aid if you get it, it is hard. Babies need clothes every few months due to growth spurts. Babies need formula and baby food. Babies need toys. 4. EMOTIONALLY, IT CAN TAKE IT'S TOLL. Dealing with a colicky baby then having to get up and go to school or work can be hard. It can make you tired and frustrated, and can possibly make you do something you wouldn't do otherwise. 5. YOU MAY NOT GET THE SUPPORT YOU NEED. If you have a child young, your parents may react in anger and turn you away. Or your babies father may crack under pressure. (It does happen to older women yes, but younger men are more likely to get scared and leave.) 6. BYE BYE PERFECT BODY. This may be very shallow, but if you have a perfect body to begin with, it very well may change with pregnancy. Women tend to get stretch-marks and are a bit heavier after having children. 7. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER! I understand it if you want a baby, but they are only a baby for a little while. You have to stop and think to yourself : Do I like toddlers? Little kids? Preteens? Other teens? Because in a very short time their baby days are over. So please stop and think before you go out and have s_x/TTC. Everything changes when baby comes. GOOD LUCK TO ALL. P.S. THIS POST IS NOT TO SCARE ANYONE OR TRY TO JUDGE ANYONE. IT IS JUST HERE TO SHED SOME LIGHT ON A TOUCHY SUBJECT. :o) (pasted for other teens by me. thought you may like to read this and see from a teen moms who has obviously been there.)


ella - November 13

thank you, i think this is a great post for the teens that are trying to conceive and a reality check for those of us that are pregnant. it is good to have realistic expectations. Good luck to all of you :)


adi - November 14

I think a lot of girls dont even think about the child growing up. They just see the novelty value of having a cute little baby to push around town for their friends to see. HA!! Unfortunately, they won't believe the truths (such as in your post) until it's too late and they are tearing their hair out with their baby!


Well Said - November 14

Yup they grow up and get more demanding and cost alot more to they dont realise how much care and teaching and guidance goes into a child when it is no more a doll to them . Plus its hard times in our time now and kids cant be kids we cant just say go outside and play its not save .


Mommy - November 14

I wonder who pasted this? I just noticed that lol. Oh well, at least I'm helping girls here too I hope.



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