Really Concerned

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Kairi_x - November 15

i think i've messed up a bit on something. Im on the pill and I used to take it at 10pm every night but recently I've started taking it at scattered times all over the place :/ I'm worried I've messed up because I had a period a week ago but this week i've had unprotected s_x twice. yesterday, i started to get very light period-like cramps coming and going.. and down there felt a bit odd. I'm worried about it all. Really worried :(


Kairi_x - November 15

the odd feeling down there is like a dull ache like I get when I'm having a period. It's really weird and uncomfortable.


KooKoo - November 15

if you took it less than 12 hours late things should be ok, but changing times can change things ive noticed. Maybe this pill is starting to disagree with you


Kairi_x - November 15

hmm i dont know, i've been fine on it the whole time and never had any problems with it at all :/


krista-lee - November 15

make sure you be careful with when you take your pills... i started them july 06 i was taking mine at scattered times too and ended up pregnant in january 07. Wait on your period and dont sweat it. Take a test if it doesnt come. I doubt your would be pregnant if you did take the pill, even if it wasnt exactly the right time. And hun dont forget your pills! Take them religiously, same time everyday. If you are really concerned about getting pregnant, talk to yuor doc about a different method of birth control


Kairi_x - November 15

eeeeep :/ I'll try to be more careful then. I have an update too... on my right side by my hip about an hour ago, I had a pain that went on for about 5-10 mins that shot down diagonally and it really hurt. Then I had like a kind of stinging, weird feeling around my belly b___ton. ahh whats happening :/ i hate my body sometimes, it confuses the hell out of me :|


Stephanie_31 - November 15

If you are worried yo are more aware of what is happening. This makes you more apt to notice all the little aches and pains and twinges. It is probably stuff that happens all the time but you have become more aware of it because you are focusing on it. I doubt very much that you are pg. If you had your period a week ago and your pills/cycle are messed up you maybe ovulating or getting ready to. USE CONDOMS until your next period and stay on your pills. Make sure that you are taking them around the same time every night. I keep mine on my night stand and take it before bed. If you can't remember, get a separate alarm and set it for the time you usually go to bed. It will help you to remember and after a couple months you will start to remember to take it on your own. I wouldn't worry about it, the chance is very slim.



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