Really Freaked Out What Do I Do

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Meesha_78 - January 26

Im 18, 19 in a couple months and am almost positive that im pregnant.... my boy friend and i are extreamly excited.... but also terified!!! can some one PLEASE give me some good advice.... we really need it. How will i finish school?? --- scared Mommy


Grandpa Viv - January 26

Yep, that will be a life-changing event. Get as much education as you can behind you before the baby comes, then plan to take a year off to bond. The demands of a baby on your time, emotions and money are more than you can imagine. I hope there are some supportive grandparents in the background! Good luck!


Erica - January 26

hey, I was 18 when i got preg and 19 when i had my son. Its very possible to still go to school, and do all that. If you wanna chat or need advice. Im here, my email is [email protected], and my aol is ericacolleen2005.


Kristina - January 27

I was also 18 when I got pregnant, 19 when I had my daughter. It's hard in some ways, but I wouldn't take her back for the world! =) Have you thought about correspondence? I have finished school but I am thinking about doing some upgrading while I am at home b___stfeeding. Good luck! If you want to talk my email is [email protected] (that is also for MSN)


frankschick2001 - January 27

If you are pregnant, you and your boyfriend should sit down together and first try and figure out your financial situation and what you need to do going forward. Get yourself to a doctor to be checked out. Talk with your bf and find out what the 2 of you will do for living arrangements. Also, get information on financial a__sistance (if you need it) from your state/country etc. Apply for whatever insurance or a__sistance you will need. Right now the important thing is getting yourselves in order and start organizing things. Sit down with both of your parents and talk this all over. Talk to the officials at your school and find out what you can do to finish on time. I'm a__suming you will be graduating high school? If you are in college, talk to them and see what is available as far as day care or minimizing your schedule/workload. It will be OK, don't worry!


Meesha_78 - January 27

hey thank you VERY much for all of your encouraging words!! my boy friend and i red these posts together and we are both trying to learn to adjust to the new life style that approches us. i will defiantly keep comunicating with the lovely ladys who gave me there e-mails.... thank you!!!



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