Really REALLY Need Help Bladder And Blood Prblm

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thetruthofme - January 25

i been up for about 2 hours and since i got up, i have been having to pee about every 5 minutes. and when i do its only a little bit and it hurts REALLY bad afterwards. when i wipe there is blood. its not my period i got off it about 2 weeks ago. and theres only blood when i wipe. me and my bf were having s_x for about an hour about a week ago. but when he thought he was gonna finish he pulled out, wiped it off and we went at it again...that happend about 10 times. is it a possibility that i could be pregnant? please help any answers you have would be very helpful.


vicky9989 - January 25

if it was unprotected then yes u can be pregnant, by a little thing called pre-c_m.


jendean00 - January 25

It is possible to be PG, I think you might have a bladder infection. A bladder infection feels like you constantly have to pee and when you do go only a little comes out. It will also sometimes burn and your urine will be cloudy.


hailey07 - January 25

I think the most likely situation is that you have a urinary tract infection. Sometimes if you have s_x for longer periods of time, like an hour, then start again without proper lubrication, bacteria can be forced up the urethra and can cause irritation. You also should always go to the bathroom after you have s_x, this pushes any bacteria out and can help prevent infection. It is also very possible that you may be pregnant but I would think that you probably wouldn't have symptoms this early. You should definitely go to the doctor and have a urine test. If you have a UTI and your doctor outs you on antibiotics, this can affect the effectiveness of birth control pills if you are on them So if you should start antibiotics, definitely use condoms if you continue to have s_x.. probably best to always use condoms, even with birth control pills. Good luck, I hope everything works out!


Meghan - January 25

thats definatly either a BAD kidney infection or a BAD bladder infection. get yourself to the ER for some antibiotics


apr - January 25

99.9% bladder/kidney infection. u'd better get yourself some antibiotics. i once neglected it (i didnt know wat it was) and my fever shot up and i ended up going to the ER.


crackersforme - January 25

Agreed...99.9% positive also that this is a bad UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). I had the same thing with the blood about a month ago. I too get them almost every time I have s_x (I get chronic UTI's). You HAVE to get on antibiotics...this is way too far gone for it to go away itself (some minor one's do). If you get another one later on...go get yourself some cranberry pills at the drug store....or somewhere like Walmart or Rite-aid & take them every day. Helps prevent them. I also suggest going to Walmart, Eckerd, etc...& picking up some Urinary Relief tablets. They are little red tablets (usually) & they take away the symptoms of UTI's....the burning, constant need to urinate, etc... also turns your urine orange, so don't be concerned about that. But those WON'T cure the HAVE to get on antibiotics such as bactrim or amoxycillin ASAP!!! If it continues untreated & goes up into your kidneys, you will start getting chills, fever, pain & you WILL end up in the ER & could risk Kidney damage. UTI's are commonly caused by e-coli that starts at the opening of the v____a & as they multiply move up through the urinary tract towards the kidneys. Hope I helped (as I mentioned before...I have TONS of experience with UTI's...luckily I know how to prevent them now for my body).



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