Really Weird Period

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pg08 - January 5

I have an irregular period but for the past 6 months its been coming regular except 4 dis month. This month I fell on my period late n den I only bled 4 like 2 days heavy n for the nxt like 4 days if was jus a little bit of brown discharge. A little more than jus spotting. N I was also having very bad cramps, it was very unusual. I did have s_x 2 weeks ago a couple of times n we didn't use any method of birth control. Could It be implantation bleeding?


Grandpa Viv - January 5

Two weeks before your period is due is peak fertility. Are you having any other signs like UNUSUAL fatigue, more peeing, lotion discharge, super ga__sy, appet_te, smells, cravings, b___bs and nips, emotions, dizzy and nauseous moments, backache, headache, acne, runny nose etc?


pg08 - January 5

Now that I tink about it I've had a lil bit of lotion discharge, I've been emotional, ga__sy, extra tired, hungry all the time, n my b___bs r gettin bigger but I aint think nothing of it....couldn't it be too soon?


GimmeaBub - January 5

I think you should do a test, but from what i have learnt and know you usually only spot and it's usually old blood when you implantation bleed although on the rare cases women do tend to have a slight period when they are pregnant but it usually not too heavy, you may have ovulated later in your cycle, do a test it couldnt hurt just to check, Best of luck


pg08 - January 5

Is it too early 2 test?


ChattyKathy - January 5

No, if your period is due then now is a good time to test.


Malica - January 7

I'm more than a little confused. You've posted here before in November and December saying that you had irregular and strange periods and that you didn't want to get pregnant, yet you're still having unprotected s_x? Condoms are extremely cheap once you consider the cost of a baby. If you can't afford condoms, then find an alternate to intercourse or find out if your school nurse, doctor's office, planned parenthood clinic or other sources give out free birth control (many do!).



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