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Natalie - January 7

for all ofyou out there saying euuuwe thats incest etc. shut up! you havent got a clue what you are talking about. firstly she wouldnt be sleeping with her father!(which is incest, having s_x and producing offspring from a family member) secondly, she wouldnt be using her own eggs, so there would be none of her dna in there, it would be entirely her parents! which means the baby isnt partly hers (which it would have to be to be classed as incest) thirdly, the girl would be acting as the oven for someone elses ingredients, and it isnt incest to carry your parents baby, as long as your eggs wernt the eggs that were fertilized. THIS CASE IS THAT SHE WOULD BE CARRYING A CHILD (NOT HER OWN) IN HER WOMB. THE CHILD WOULD BE HER PARENTS, NOT HERS, AND THERE WOULD BE NO SEXUAL OR REPRODUCTIVE ACT BETWEEN FATHER AND DAUGHTER!


Krista - January 7

actually, there was a girl on here that said she had s_x with her father to concieve... that IS incest... shes in the 'unusual parental request' thread.


courtney - January 7

i agree its not incest, but being a surrogant parent can go either way, with or without your eggs. she didnt point that out at first. i was mislead as well, untill she made that point clear.


Melissa - January 7

Some of you can be very immature when it comes to a serious topic such as this. This is by no means incest! I have read articles and have seen a program where a woman asked her sister to "incubate" her child because she was unabe to carry. Get educated people...this is a loving act and you are interpreting it totally woing. Anyone see the Friends' episodes where Phoebe carries her brother's kids?......


guest - January 7

But how old was Phoebe? We're talking about a girl, not a woman. If she were 18, an adult, and wanted to do this of her own volition, then by all means. But, if she is still a minor, I belive this act would be morally and legally wrong. If she is under 17, i'm sure it goes against child protection laws since 17 is the age of consent.


Melissa - January 7

I wasnt speaking of age...i was speaking about incest. That is a totally different subject. Of course it would be wrong to ask your 17 year old daughter to carry a child for you!...But if she is of legal age , then it's her decision to make. She would be giving her parents a wonderful gift


Amy - January 7

Ok folks seeing as Im the one who posted the original topic let me put this issue to rest. On the original post there was someone who stated that she acted as a stand in for her mother who because of cancer could not have children. Then man who she called FATHER is not her BIOLOGICAL father. The man married her mother ten years after she was born and according to my information was in no other way related to the girl so YES while it might be considered INCEST it is at least technically not INCEST though in truth it lies in one of those gray areas. I personally do not approve of her choice but it was hers to make and not yours to condem. I on the other hand am in a completely diferent situation. My parents have asked me to act only as gestational surogate. My part will be limited to only the gestational not the s_xual aspects of the pregnancy. I will be implanted with prefertilized eggs from my mother and for nine months I will grow their child in my womb. The amount of acrimonious comment as well as the invaluable advice that I have received from this post is while amazing also increadably frustrating. What I am doing is not incest I have already verified this through the family lawyer.


jenn - January 7

hey well i dont consider that incest but for me i wouldnt feel comfortable doing that but not just if it was my parents child with anyone and anybody that would do that desirves probs in my books thats a really brave thing to do


? - January 8

She never did say if it was her real father or not they would be the first couple to not marry for years.Heck for all we know they may have been together for 5 years then seperated and got back together and finally married.My aunt did that.Their oldest was 13 when finally married.Not everyone lives in a perfect world like many of you.Until she says either way,why are we arguing?


Ummmm... - January 8

Well ?, she did say... two posts before yours. Way to read all the info. prior to posting your answer!


To Ummmm - January 8

Are you talking about ann or amy?????


- January 8



Robin - January 9

It's still digusting!!!!


Natalie - January 9

(I apologise for my bad grammar and punctuation on this subject, I was unaware that this was a graded answer!) I have to say, Amy is a very strong character, I doubt i could do what she is doing for her parents. I think its a lovely thing, to help them bring a child into the world.



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