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respect - April 13

First of all i would just like to say that most us on this site are here for support and advice,were not here to be judged our disrespected by haveing little girls curseing us out. If you dont have anything nice our helpful to say dont say it! I think this site has been very helpful to me,and i hope i can help some of you as well. I'ts sad to say lot's of very yong girls,my self included are getting pregnant and haveing babies, it's not the best thing that could happin, but it's not the worst eather. All anyone can do is try there best to be a good person and mother. Thank you for takeing the time to read my letter.


none - April 13

First of all you dont know me! And 2nd of all Ive been with only one man and we have been together for 4 years, I'm not a s___t and i dont sleep around so befor you start running you're mouth you need to know the situation. It's people loke you that have such boring lifes that you have nothing to do but dog on other people. take my advice go out and get a life!!!!!


none - April 13

you need to go back to school and learn how to use more then 4or5 letter words. If thats all you can come up with I can see why you dont have a man. all that comes out of you're mouth is trash. If you dont have anything better to do then try to make other people feel bad about them selfes maby it's a reflection of you're self.


none - April 13

im 18 i have a 2 year old son and i lost it when i was 14 not like it's any of you're buisness any way's. just cause im not married dont make me a whore, we dont want to get married wright now any ways and thats our choice. who are you to tell people whats wright and wrong. obviously you have a middle school writing level, and you cant be much older than 16 yourself. so shut your little mouth and keep your nonsense to your self. all you are doing is annoying every one on this forum. you are un educated and do not deserve to write here. GO AWAY. Thank You.


none - April 13

Duh, Idiot. If i didn't have a child, why would i be on this forum. also, why are you here on this forum? Are you having a child or do you have one? if for no other reason but to slander us, then just leave. you have grown tiresome. Also you sond like and inbred redneck.


Jen - April 13

Just ignore people like that, she's just trying to get a reaction from you.


none - April 13

yea I know, nothing she could say couled ever hurt me anyways. thats why im not going to stoop down to her leavel, thank you for saying somthing nice!!!!!


Audrey - April 13

I agree that it's sad to see so many young women becoming pregnant, but that's the way nature is. A teenager is stuck between being a child and being an adult, with hormones raging and lots of peer pressure to act cool. So when the moment of truth arrives many girls are too caught up in the heat of the moment and don't think of the consequences until afterwards. Having s_x young doesn't make you any less of a person, it's how you deal with it that matters. My grandmother was married with a child by the time she was 17. So don't judge those who need advice to correct their mistakes.


katie - April 13

well said "respest" i agree this is a very useful site and has help me alot...mind u some of the post are rediclous here lol anyways as for cha__sidy ur wrong were not hoes and s___ts and u can think wat u like were ppl hu have made mistakes but it doesnt mean tht we are all a bunch of s___ts =D anyways xxx katie


anon - April 13

chill out girls! no need to get nasty



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