Reversed Abortion

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abortion - February 25

in my opinion they should do reversed abortion. keep the baby abort the mom who doesn't want the child.


becca - February 26



ladybug - February 26

and then what do you suppose they should do with the undeveloped fetus if the mother is dead and can't carry it to term?


hgf - February 26

your opinioun is completly ridiclulious


just and opinion - February 26

i think they should be banned from s_x till they wisen up and look at the pictures of abortion outcomes.....


Brittany - February 26

I see what your saying, and I agree; I just wish that there was a way that they could do that; where they could keep the fetus alive when it is so little. give the stupid murdering mom a taste of her own medicine.


B - February 27

Grow up


becca - February 28

what right do you have to judge the girls who chose abortion NONE! some people may say that keeping a baby at a young age is wrong and also so is adoption so what can we actually do to make all you narrow minded people happy. Well to be honest im through with trying to make other people happy i made the chose which was right for me which was to keep my baby and im going to do the best i can and just stick my nose up to people who think they no best ( o yea and you do relise its not just teenager who have abortion adults do to )


duh!!!!! - March 1

do u realize that no one said just teenagers!!!


Ignorance. - March 1

Wow - so you agree with abortion when it suits you? Its okay to abort the Mom but not the baby. So you're not really Pro-Life are you? Also, what is supposed to happen to that child if you 'abort' the Mother? You obviously haven't thought this through have you? Because you're an irrational person. You see your vewis, as the only ones that matter. And being banned from s_x is just absolutley ridiculous! Are you going to ban a 40 year old woman from having s_x when she doesn't want kids? How dumb. For you people calling it murder, you need to go back to school and look up the meaning. Murder is illegal, abortion isn't illegal. Put two and two together, and then come back and try and debate this.


? - March 1

If you shoot a pregnant woman you get sent up for two counts of murder. The baby is not born so how is it two counts of murder if abortion is not murde?


Re: IGNORANCE - March 1

The child would be adopted out to loving deserving families.


Ignorance. - March 1

Can you promise me that a child given up for adoption will be put in a loving family? No, you certainly can't. There are hundreds of kids in the foster system. Im not about to add some more, to get abused, and neglected. When someone shoots a woman, and kills her and her pregnant baby they get charged with 2 counts of murder because that child was wanted. Abortion, is not murder because a woman has the right to decide what happens to her body. A fetus definitley doesn't have rights over a womans body. Ever.



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