Ripleys Belive It Or Not

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Alison - May 13

I seen on Ripleys Belive it or Not that a 5 year old girl had started her mensturl cycle and got pregnant. isnt that sad! but no joke.


jaden - May 13

Are you serious? That's amazing and very very sad.


lola - May 14

omg i heard about that 2!!!


stephan - May 14

thats interesting, at 5 years old you dont even have b___bs yet. how is she going to b___stfeed that baby?


lea - May 14

stephan not eveyone b___stfeeds! i couldnt imagine she went through with the pregnancy?!


Elizabeth - May 14

Omg ur kidding me thats freaky


Karrie - May 14

Is there anywhere where I can see this? I have heard of this kind of thing before, but only as cruel jokes. That is kinda creepy really.


Karrie - May 14

I actually did some research. Yes! This is a true story. The girls name is Lina Medina. She was 5 years, seven months, and 21 days old when her son was born. He was delivered by C-section. It was back in May, 1939. Lina is still to this day the youngest mother in history! I even found a picture of her standing next to her son when her son was 11 months old. If anyone wants to see what I found, go to and search for Lina came up with a pic and a ton of links. I clicked on the pic, it sent me to a page, that if you scroll down enough you will find her story. My results on google gave me two pics at the top of the page, and it was the same pic, but different sizes, the smaller one takes you to a link. The bigger on takes you to a link too, but an error message is on the page.


To: Everyone - May 14 More on the girl, and her son.


WOW - May 18

Yes I've read this too and it's amazing that her body could cope with the pregnancy.


katie - May 18

OMG i heard bout tht to...i read it and my mouth was like wide open...well u no wat i mean lol but i thought it was so sad =( take care everybody xxx katie


sad? - May 20

What's so "very very sad" about developing early, coping well with the pregnancy and having a healthy baby boy? Can't understand you people. "Poor girl, must have lost her childhood!" No she didn't, her parents took care of the baby so that he considered Lina her sister until he was 11.


Whatever! - May 20

Lmmfao, this made me laugh my a__s off... thanks for making me smile..


Mother T - May 20

to: whatever! actually this story is very much reality there is a website that has been mentioned already but here it is again just incase: http://lina-medina.


x - May 20

I think its sadder that this girl had s_x at 5 years old. I doubt it was anyone but a family member or trusted family friend. She's only 5 years old!


Chelsea - May 24

you're psycho and crazy and weird and i don't believe you


leah - May 24

chelsea, no one cars whether or not you believe it. no one asked you. anyway, that is quite incredible. it is so sad that she never really got to have a true childhood. i mean, come on. do you really think that the people would leave her alone after being the youngest mother ever? i don't think so. also, i think that she is very lucky because some adults can't even handle a pregnancy, let alone a 5 year old girl. her baby came out healthy, and that is what surprised me. although i really wish that i knew who the father of her baby is. there's no doubt that she knows who he is. no child can just forget who had s_x with her for the first time. unless it was a really traumatic experience. then, i understand.



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