Rude People Isnt This A Place For Support N Help

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Mimiask - May 7

I see on here there r people who r rude and insenstive and offer no help but take out the time to right about how they feel abou other peoples question young girls come on here to get help they get help because they cant got to the doctor or have no way to get a test now i know its no ones fault that a person get pregnant but it doest happen alot of u people need to get over yourselves this says teen pregnancy it doesnt tell u wat kind of questions to ask all i ask was for a lil help jus if u had the symptoms before n u act like its to hard to say yes or no wat in the h__l is wrong wit u people get the stick out your ass n help sumtime just a little piece of advice will help alot jus knowing that someone cares helps u understand its a rough time thinking ur pregnant n u get on here n find out that that people still turn their backs hurt n i just thought i would let yall know open up ur hearts it wont kill u to offer advice or say yeah i had those symptoms


Evonna - May 7

There are so many forums about this..


Evonna - May 7

let me rephrase, there are so many forums like these.


skinnyminny - May 7

said this already, IF YOU FOLLOW THE TITLES OF THE FORUMS IT MAKES THIS ENTIRE SITE MORE EASILY NAVIGATED BY ALL OF US? Are you not being selfish by not bothering to post in the correct topic? And NO IM NOT ATTACKING ONLY YOU. Its just so frustrating trying to find anything decent in this topic because every other post is "OMG, my boyfriend c_mmed in me the day before my period, am I pregnant?" Maybe their should be a topic SPECIFICALLY for reproduction cycle questions. At least then the readers know what they're in for. OH, and your not the only one who has it rough, sweetie. The HORMONES ARE RAGING ON THIS BOARD. Don't be so shocked when someone is short with you.


Tjane - May 8

Mimiask, that was one loooong sentence.......


ChaycesMom - May 8

Tjane, I was thinking the same thing. Also, Mimi, if you have taken notice of how many people are rude on here regarding others "do you think I am pg" questions, why bother asking? I understand that not everyone can get to a Dr or pharmacy right away, but at the same time, no one on here can give you the simple answer. Pregnancy is a hard thing to diagnose with only a few word, simply cause some pregnancy symptoms are the same as if you were to get your period. Basically, If you have a normal cycle, 28 days, and you had unprotected s_x roughly around 14 days after you menstrated you could be pregnant.


Confussed - May 8

i think you should all leve miniask alone and realise if a boy has came inside of her the day before her period she could still be pregnant as the sperm can live for up to 7 days so it could be waitin for her egg to ovulate! think before you speek! and mimiask i got abuse off one of these sites not this one but a similar one and it isnt nice is it? all because we are young!


ChaycesMom - May 8

I didnt answer because she was young, and I'm not getting down with her for that either. But as you pointed out sperm can live up to 7 days, but you dont ovulate, on a normal cycle, till roughly around 12-14 days. So having s_x a day before her period, as you said, would NOT make her pregnant, because the next day she would have shed the egg.



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