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kayleigh - November 26

im 16 and 27 weeks pregnant babys due march 4th 05 and im really scared bout the birth not just the pain but if sumthink goes wrong :(


T - November 27

Kayleigh - Thats perfectly normal sweetheart. A lot of expectant mothers start panicking & worrying when they get closer to their due date. I wont say labour will be painless, because it wont be. Just think positive & think about what you will be getting after its all over. A little piece of you. :o) This might rea__sure you somewhat, but during labour you can have gas which will help with the pain some & you can also be given an injection (epidural) into your spine which will stop the pain or lessen it to a great extent. You can also go to prenatal clinics & expecant mother clinics, where you are informed of what to expect at the birth & told how to do everything, what will happen, what to do, what the doctors will do etc etc. You can also talk to your doctor about the labour & how you are scared or talk to the doctor who will be delivering your baby. This may all be some help to you & you'll learn a great deal about what to expect during labour, pregnancy, & the first few months after labour (bringing up your newborn).You could also look on the internet for information about labour, the signs, what happens etc if this will help you some. But try not to worry. The way you are feeling now is perfectly normal. Take care!! :o)


Lisa - November 27

As T has stated, it's very normal to feel this way and prenatal cla__ses are highly recommended. Generally, it's the 3rd stage of labour that is the most painful, but rest a__sured by this stage the end of labour isn't too far away and it will be all over. You will be offered pain relief, gas or pethidine, an epidural generally isn't given unless it's absolutely necessary as it can be risky. I'm sure you will have a beautiful, healthy baby as long you know you have taken good care of yourself during your pregancy there is no cause for concern about his/her health. We all want our babies to be born perfect, and if there are any defects or concern about your baby, then an ultra sound should probably detect any abnormalities. You will be ok.....and in the best of hands when it comes time to deliver your baby.



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