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lmt1307 - May 30

I was just wondering if any of you guys ever got scared after you found out you were pregnant? I am scared about expenses and everything, my mom and dad said they would help me out as much as possible. I am sure his mom and dad will to once we tell them. I am just so worried about the money thing. does anyone recall what it cost for you to have your baby? We have insurance, so I know that will pick up some of it. Any replies would be great. Thanks in advance. La Donna


JESS1980 - May 30

Hi LaDonna. How old are you? Since this message board is for pregnant teenagers, I am a__suming that you are a teenger. Let me just say up front that I am not a teenager. I am 25. But I saw your post and wanted to respond. First of all, I want you to know that A LOT of women feel scared when they find out they are matter how old they are, no matter how much money they have, etc.. Even women who have planned their pregnancy still feel scared sometimes. So, what you are experiencing is completely normal. I am 25 & married & I am also 7 months pregnant. And even though I am very excited, I still have moments where I feel scared. Also, almost EVERY couple worries about money when they have a baby. So, to answer your question..... My total OBGYN bill was $720. I have great insurance, so I thought $720 was pretty good. Without insurance, the doctor bill would have been about $3,600. So insurance definitely helps! But you have to keep in mind that for most pregnancies, your doctor bill is SEPARATE from your hospital bill. So even though I have paid my doctor bill, I will have to pay a separate hospital bill after the baby comes in August. I am not sure how much this is, though with my insurance I am estimating about $1500. Of course, you can always talk to your doctor and make payment arrangements if you can't afford the bill. The hospital will also let you make monthly payments if you need to. And I'm sure all doctors vary in price. It is definitely not cheap to have a baby....but at least you have help! If you ever need to ask more questions, just respond to this post and I'll be glad to help if I can. GOOD LUCK!!!


EricaLynn - May 30

Worries like this will never go away. If you give birth naturaly it can cost anywere from 2-5 thousand dollars, if you have a c-section it is much more exspensive, probably on the upside of 20 thousand dollars. Of course your parents will help you and depending on what kind of insurence you have they might pay for some of your prenatal care and the birth. My dads insurence doesnt cover any of my prenatal bills but my moms takes a big chunk of it, for wich I am very lucky. But I have to be a full time student when I am 19 or I dont get her insurence. Worrys about money will always be there, but dont stress out to much everything will work out fine for you, but you should probably think about getting a job.


lmt1307 - May 30

Thanks, this helps a lot. I do have a job. I work for my dad we own a farm so he needs my help around here. I am so glad that you guys responded it makes me feel a little bit better now, since I know that I am not the only one who is worring about this stuff. I that with my mom and dad's last pregnancy, 14 years ago the whole dr. bill thing was only like $800 with our insurance so I don't know. I am going to talk to my dad about all of this tonight, I hope. Thanks. Oh, i'm 16. Jess1980, you are such a nice person, I am so glad that you responded so nicely one of the other forums I went to everyone was mean, even tho they were also pregnant teens. So THANKS!! La Donna


Kay - May 31

Where are you from ? Im in England and you dont need to pay for a thing for hospital, c-section anything ( unless you go private) I take it your from America as you say you have insurance, thought i'd just write anyway just incase ;)


Clarissa23 - June 5

you should also see if you qualify for medicaid...ive been on it for all 3 of my kids and is so helpful..if you qualify it pays for everything pregnancy related


midnight_drift - June 5

Well, when I first found out I was pregnant, me and my boyfriend were both scared. But that pa__sed, now I am just affraid of not being a good mommy.


whiskeydog38 - June 6

Hey La Donna. I havent had my baby yet, so I can't really tell you what it may cost. If you need someone to talk to though you can email me at [email protected] If you have msn messanger mine is [email protected] I'm 15 and 6, almost 7 months pregnant. If you ever want someone to talk to, let me know. My name is Kendra, by the way.


kenodra - June 6

yeah i was worried baout it im only 17 years old, so im still under my dads insurance but i also got t_tle 19 for my baby and my secondary expenses. it is pretty EXPENSIVE. thing 88 dipaers for about 20.00, you know 28.00 for a can of formula... that c___p is expensive im also on WIC which is a program where they help purchase foods and stuff for you and your baby. its a really good program it helps you get on your feet. i wish i would have been older but i think everything will work out for me, and yeah it helps for support groups and people as well.



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