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Victim - September 17

I was raped and unfortuatlly became pregnant, they got the guy in a showdown and he lost, not only the battle but his life. I don't want to keep the baby but then my Family says I give it up for adoption. I justs creeps me out that a part of this evil man would be coming out of me. Should I get an abortion or let the offspring of this evil live?


amanda - September 17

if you really feel that uncomfortable get an abortion .. its understandable because you were raped .. i hope everything goes good for you :o)


Shorty - September 19

This is a dilemma, and it really depends on what you want to do, but dont judge this baby because of how it came about. it is actually an innocent, like you. I think maybe it is best to explore options, research them, and then choose the one you feel you can handle. I dont know what you are going thru but whatever decision you make, you can not take it back, you need to be 100% sure of your choices. Just whatever you do, please do not blame the baby, it did not choose to be born and is not evil. His sperm donor maybe, but he isnt. Good Luck with your choice and I hope you are coping okay.


Viv - September 19

I would not hesitate if I were in your situation.


Mary - September 19

Don't let anyone tell you how to handle it, it's completely up to you. You may want to wait till you are 100% sure of your choice, as Shorty said ...but try and be quick about it, after a certain amount of time, an abortion will be much more serious, and there is no such thing as last minute decisions when it comes to this.


Kat - September 20

I had an abortion following being gang raped and I can honestly say I don't regret it. It makes me sad that I was put in the position that I had to but to me it was an end to the whole experience and allowed me to get on with my life without either the constant reminder or the thought that a child of mine was out there. I felt my body had been violated by being raped and I was just continuing to be violated by being pregnant. I know it wasn't the babys fault but it wasn't my fault either. It's up to you. What do YOU want to do? Don't let your family put pressure on you because you already have more than enough. If YOU want an abortion, have one, if YOU want to go through pregnancy and have the child adopted, you can do that but please don't let anyone tell you what to do as it is your choice.



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