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HELP - August 12

me and my boyfriend had s_x yesterday and we used protected but im still scared and today i had spots of blood on my underwear and i feel dizzy . could i be pregnant or get pregnant ?


possible - August 10

well dizziness is a sign of pregnancy, but it's way to soon to be showing signs. I'm pretty sure if u used protection you are not pregnant, but if it busted then there's a possibliliy


HELP - August 10

if i went to the doctor tommorrow and got a ECP pill would it still work ..


Shorty - August 10

Yep it would.


HELP - August 10

okay thanks : )


Helen - August 10

Hi HELP. I'm very annoyed at the first reponse (possible) as it is very ill-informed. Do not worry, you have been very mature and used protection, well done - the chances of getting pregnant whilst using a condom are VERY low. No woman has pregnancy symptons 1 day after conception, it takes about 2 weeks for any symptons to start appearing. So the dizziness is not a sign that you are pregnant, it may be stress causing it as you are scared you could be pregnant. Were you a virgin before last night? If you were, that was why there was blood in your underwear. It is VERY common to bleed after first time s_x. Pregnancy is clearly something you are worried about, have you thought of going on birth control as an extra precaution? You don't want to be getting into this worried phase every time you have s_x.


HELP - August 11

Helen thank you : ) and yeah it was my first time and i was done my period 2 days before but i think it started again i dont cause i keep finding blood .


possible - August 12

Ok helen why are you 'annoyed' by my answer. Sorry if I don't go into full detail, but you basically said what I did, but longer. So whatever I was trying to help and not get criticzm from you!


Carrie - August 12

If you are going to get this stressed out over s_x and being pregnant than it really isnt worth taking that sort of risk and emotional stripping if you arent ready to have a baby then don't take the risk. Or at least talk to your mom about birth control



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